Open Shelves vs. Cabinets for Your Dubai Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and cooking in a well-organized kitchen brings a lot of joy. However, whether you are shifting to a new house or redesigning the existing one, the confusion of choosing between open shelves or closed kitchen cabinets always plays in our mind. There are basically two types of kitchen cabinets, open or floating shelves and closed cabinets. So let us check out the advantages of both the options:

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Advantages of open shelves

Here are some of the advantages of choosing open shelves for the kitchen that you can consider while making the decision.


You can fit the open shelves almost anywhere. Even if the kitchen layout is a bit different from what you were expecting, you can fit the open shelves and they will look great.


It will visually look more open. Also, because of this open visual representation, the kitchen will look larger than its size.


With an open kitchen, you get a lot of chances to organize your kitchen. You can do a lot of experiments and keep on changing the décor of the kitchen with the pots, pans, etc.

Things to consider before going for open shelves in the kitchen


Since the shelves are open, chances are higher that dust will accumulate very easily on them. Therefore, you need to keep on dusting the shelves every alternate day.

Easy access for kids and pets

Having open shelves means kids and pets in the house can have very easy access to them. Therefore, even if you have open shelves, kids, and pets at home, you need to ensure that fragile items are out of reach.

Advantages of kitchen cabinets

If you are confused about the idea of modern kitchen cabinets; the points mentioned below will help in clearing them up.

Defined storage

With the best kitchen cabinets, you will get a storage option for various things. For every single thing, there is a storage area, and it makes the cabinet neat and compact.

Options for customization

There are endless options for attractive kitchen cabinets. You can even go ahead and customize the cabinets as per your taste. From colors to the materials and even design, you can choose everything as per your wish.


The kitchen cabinets are closed; therefore, whether you have kids or pets at home, there is nothing to worry about. They cannot always reach the cabinets without taking your help.


You can keep everything very organized in your kitchen. You do not have to worry even if guests arrive at your home uninformed and you could not get the time to organize your cabinets.

Things to consider before going for kitchen cabinets


You need to be sure about matching the cabinets with the overall décor of your home. From fittings to color, everything should match with the rest of the décor of the house.


If you are planning to get luxury kitchen cabinets, you must be sure about the cost since cabinets are usually expensive. Therefore, you must choose cabinets that are within your budget.

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