Most Used Kitchen Design Ideas for Dubai Homes in 2021

Our homes, including our kitchens, have taken a very different identity than the one assigned to them traditionally. There are several notable changes such as the social induction of the kitchens, where the guests have full access to visit and socialize in and around our kitchens. To facilitate this changing role of the kitchen several different kitchen design ideas have been adapted and introduced. If you are a homeowner who wants to redesign an old kitchen or in the process of renovating your entire house, you can benefit greatly by following the most used kitchen design ideas. Here are the top trends in kitchen design ideas, so that you can make the best decision for designing your kitchen according to your needs.

kitchen design idea

  • Kitchen Islands – The kitchen islands continue to be one of the best kitchen design ideas due to great functionality it provides. By adding an island to your kitchen, you can get extra storage space as well as an extra work surface. The kitchen island can further be extended to house a breakfast bar with some seating for a quick dining space.
  • Open Plan Kitchens – Open plan kitchens are the ones that are open on one or more sides to another portion of the house such as the living or dining room. This attractive kitchen design idea can help you showcase your kitchen’s beauty to your guests and make the kitchen more social and welcoming. You can talk to others as you dish out delicacies and they can even join you in the kitchen without any hindrances.
  • Natural and task lighting – Natural lighting is the way to go due to the focus on energy efficiency and the warm glow it provides to your kitchen. As far as the other lighting options are concerned, pendant lights continue to be very popular among homeowners and under-cabinet lighting is also great for providing extra lighting for the work surfaces.
  • Think Modular – One of the best kitchen design ideas for Dubai homes has turned out to be the inclusion of modular kitchens. Modular kitchens are easy to install and maintain while providing great storage options to the various kitchen equipment. They are also space-saving, which is one of the biggest needs in the modern apartments in Dubai and other Emirates. You can choose the modules according to your needs and customize them based on the available space.
  • Concealed kitchen appliances – Another big shift that has recently come to kitchens is providing cabinet like doors to the kitchen appliances. It is useful if you already have kitchen appliances but they do not fit with the color theme of the kitchen. The cabinet doors can help the appliances blend in with the rest of the kitchen.

kitchen design idea

These latest trends in kitchen design ideas can provide you the much-needed insight and get you started on making your kitchen design project take a favorable shape. If you are on the lookout for more such luxury kitchen design ideas, you can visit the Snaidero Kitchen Designs and find some great inclusions for your kitchen. You can call +97142944803 and consult our experts to customize the designs further.

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