Most Space Saving Kitchen Furniture for a
Small Kitchen

Kitchens, just like houses, come in all shapes and sizes. The true wonder of modern kitchen design is that they can work equally well on small kitchens as they do on big ones. An important part of the kitchen design is the kitchen furniture design ideas which can transform the kitchen and preserve space. Quality kitchen furniture for the small kitchen must preserve functionality while having a compact form factor which ensures that they get in the way when not needed. The kitchen furniture also needs to be equipped to organize the myriad things that are the essentials of the kitchen; however, need to be kept out of sight. Here is the best furniture to make your small kitchen look great and work even better –

kitchen furniture

  • Folding dining table – There is no need to spare space for a full-fledged dining table when you can find a foldable one to stow it away when not needed. You can utilize the space this saves to have cupboards with shelves. Also, you can have sleek and high bar stools and chairs which take lesser space than the regular chairs. You can also install wall-mounted tables that can be folded up once they have been used.
  • Baskets on cabinets – You can effectively use the space above the cupboards by having some organizers installed where you can put some wicker baskets. These can help you effectively use the space on top of your cupboards. You can also go for cupboards that go all the way to the roof. This way you can have more racks and shelves to make the most of the vertical space.
  • Use a pull-out trolley – Using a sliding trolley with tiers can be of great help in stacking away the crockeries out of sight. You should pull it out when you need and then slide it back in the place. To make it stylish you can give the outside surface of the trolley, same look and feel as the cupboards so that it blends in.
  • Door hangers –The door hangers on the inside of the cupboard and pantry doors to easily hang utensils and pans. You can also install some hanging racks to keep condiments and other ingredients safely stored away from sight. You can also find other ways to utilize the inside of the cupboard door in more useful ways according to your preferences and need.
  • Add a Lazy Susan – Adding a Lazy Susan to the corner of a cupboard helps you utilize the corner space in cupboards. This space is usually difficult to reach in other designs and largely left underutilized. There are some great options of designs available of the Lazy Susan. It is one of the popular kitchen furniture in Dubai.

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All these ideas of kitchen furniture for small kitchen help save space and give your kitchen a modern look. You can consider using any or all of these in your kitchen furniture design. For some best kitchen furniture designs and ideas on the implementation, you are welcome to connect with Snaidero Kitchen Design. We are experts in some of the best kitchen furniture ideas for small kitchen. You can reach out to us at +971 42944803 for some great advice.

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