Modular Kitchen Design for a Compact yet Feature-Rich Kitchen

There are several advantages of a modular kitchen and once you get aware of them, you will be keen to get one for your home too. Living in a small house with a compact kitchen won’t bother you much if you choose a modular kitchen design full of advanced features and good space management.

To help you get a modular kitchen in Dubai for yourself, we are now enlightening you with some design tips for a compact yet feature-rich kitchen:

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  1. Install Smart Pot Racks: A kitchen without pots is an unimaginable thing! If you go through the latest modular kitchen designs 2022, you will get a suggestion to install smart pot racks. These racks are the best solution to fit in multiple pots compactly without leaving behind a messy look. Pots if stored in cupboards tend to occupy a lot of space but doing so with the help of a pot rack may save space in the kitchen cabinets. Consider installing pot racks over the stove or kitchen counter.  
  1. Opt for Kitchen Drawers in place of Kitchen Cabinets: One of the major ideas used in the latest modular kitchen designs 2022 is to replace the kitchen cabinets with convenient kitchen drawers. Those who work in a kitchen day in and day out, know that cabinets are not as useful as drawers to store items with maximum space utilization. Using a kitchen drawer prevents any kind of space-wasting and therefore it is a must to include in a modular kitchen design for a compact yet feature-rich kitchen.
  1. Install Cupboards up to the ceiling: A common mistake observed in a conventional kitchen is that people waste the space above the cabinets. So, if you want to avail the full advantages of a modular kitchen, then experts from Snaidero Kitchen Designs advise you to install cupboards that reach up to the ceiling. This is an apt way of utilizing the space in a compact kitchen to make it feature-rich.
  1. Add Back Splash: How about adding a backsplash and wooden shelves in your compact kitchen to make it more elegant and classy? The brick-like backsplash will give a rustic feel to the kitchen. Besides, add a chimney and a window opening to add-on to the effect of the backsplash giving the whole kitchen an aesthetic look. 
  1. Enhance the look with Mirrors: Mirrors need not be used only in your dressing area, they can be smartly installed in your modular kitchen as well. One of the main roles of a mirror is to reflect light, so why not use this same formula to give your compact kitchen a wider and brighter look? Give your compact kitchen a larger enhanced look by installing mirrors wherever possible.  
  1. Go for Grey Color Scheme: To give your compact kitchen a feature-rich expanded look, do opt for a grey color scheme. Grey is a color that can blend well with any type of accessory and gives a wider look to the whole area. Add a bit of white in the color scheme to design your modular kitchen Dubai in a perfect urban style. 

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