Modern sink designs to alter your kitchen’s appearance

When we think about kitchen designs, we often overlook the kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks are one of the most important parts of the kitchen without which a kitchen is incomplete. However, when you are in Dubai, you need a touch of style in every part of your home. If you are getting your kitchen designed, make sure you pay attention to the kitchen sink. So, let us discuss the various ideas for the kitchen sink in Dubai here.

Modern sink designs


Black Granite

If you love black, you are going to fall in love with this sink. This is a multi-functional kitchen sink that is made of granite composite. The matte black enhances the overall look of the sink. You will get the main washing basin, along with a smaller basin where you can separate the items, and a drain to keep the washed items.

Secret Compartments

This is certainly an attractive kitchen sink which you are totally going to love. This sink is perfect for the islands, where you will have secret compartments. These compartments are sleek and can be used for storing unattractive cleaning supplies such as sponges, dishwashing scrub, detergents, etc.

Disappearing Sink

If you have a smaller kitchen attached to your living space and you don’t visitors to see that sink always, this is an ideal option for you. It is basically a custom cover that makes the sink disappear when not in use.

Drainers and Strainers

You can call them drainers, strainers, or racks, which you have to place over a regular sink. Whether you want to drain the water of the washed vegetables or the utensils, you can use these drainers. When they are not in use, you can put them away.  There is no need to make a lot of changes in your sink when you try this idea.

Transitional Kitchen Sink

In one such kitchen sink, there are three compartments. The one in the middle is the smallest one where you can put the smaller utensils. Of the other two, one can be used for washing and the other can be used for separating the items. You can also put a strainer on one of the sinks and use it for draining the water of the washed utensils.

Farmhouse Sink

The best thing about a farmhouse sink is that it is big yet sleek.  And since you are using it for a modern house, you can go for stainless steel one as it is very easy to clean the sink. The stainless sink usually goes well with almost all kinds of kitchen interiors.

open kitchen design

Platinum Series Top-Mount Kitchen Sink

With the 12 gauge sink, spiral faucet, and beautiful stainless steel material, the top mount kitchen sink certainly looks awesome. The design of the sink makes it the most unique. This is perfect for those who want a modern and luxurious touch in their house.

If you are looking for some of the most luxury kitchen sink ideas for your beautiful kitchen, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can give a call at +97142944803 and talk to their experts. If you are looking for a customized idea, you can ask the experts to design a unique look for your home.

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