7 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas that will Rock
your Cooking World

Cooking is not just a task for many people but also a matter of passion and joy. For these individuals, their kitchen is one of the most important areas of their house and they can spend a lot of time and energy in deciding on the perfect design for their dream kitchen. Many modern kitchen designs can create an amazing cooking experience and make your kitchen a delightful place. If you too want to leverage some modern kitchen design ideas to make your cooking experience top-notch, here are some of the best modern kitchen design tips that can employ in most kitchen designs. The best part is that it will make also make your kitchen better looking and more organized.

modern kitchen design ideas

  • Respect the working triangle – Most of the modern kitchen design layouts keep in mind the three important elements that also get the maximum traffic, the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove. The layout needs to ensure that there is a clear triangle connecting these three points of the kitchen and that there is no obstruction. This ensures that you have no chances of bumping into things while you work.
  • Maximize the faucet functions – Some wonders of modern technology can truly make a big difference in your kitchen experience. Taking a cue from the industrial kitchens you can install smart faucets with motion sensor faucets for saving water and not having to operate the knobs. To extend the reach of the faucet you can also install retractable spouts and pot-fillers.
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  • Suitable Surfaces – Another application of the amazing modern kitchen design is the sheer variety of modern work surfaces that it offers. You can experiment but go for scratch-resistant and easy to clean surfaces such as natural stones, stainless steel, with a mix of butcher block are popular among homeowners who love cooking. You can also mix and match and apply certain compounds such as natural oils to increase the lifespan by sealing the pores.
  • Compartmentalized sinks – Go for a sink with at least two compartments that should be deep and large enough to accommodate your biggest utensil fully. You can also get extendable sinks which are a great option for most kitchens.
  • Accommodate a pantry – If you are always struggling with insufficient storage space, go ahead and make a pantry. Most homeowners do not realize that the pantry need not be located in the kitchen. You can take any spare area of the house and convert it into a small or large pantry.
  • Knives storage – Knives are the most important tools of the trade, and you need to have a designated place for them. Keeping them in the kitchen equipment drawer can dull them prematurely so go for something especially designed for these.
  • Herb Garden – Getting a small array of using the most used herbs is one of the best things you can do to grow your own food. While a kitchen garden may be too space-consuming, getting just a big tray of water and seeds of the herbs are all you need for this setup which also adds greenery to your kitchen with an attractive modern kitchen design. You can check any of the DYI videos for the same.

luxury kitchen design

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