Make a Modern Home with a Modern
Kitchen in Dubai

The role and essence of the kitchen have evolved from the one that has been carrying on for years and was even present just a decade ago. The modern kitchens are not only an epitome of style and sophistication but also boast of the improved workflow. Today, there are various types of modern kitchen designs that are available and which can be integrated by homeowners and designers while carrying out kitchen renovations or design projects. If you too have been searching for designs of modern kitchens for Dubai homes, you will find this writing useful where we have listed some popular design elements that you can explore.

modern kitchen in dubai

  • All White and All Black Designs – The all-white or all black designs have been immensely popular for creating an attractive modern kitchen. The all-white kitchens have been popular among homeowners who want to make their kitchen appear bigger, due to the optical effect of the color white. The all-black design on the other hand looks immensely classy and makes the kitchen look smaller. The key in both of the designs is choosing a countertop and backsplash of a different contrasting color including wooden textures that accentuate the design and create a focal point.
  • Waterfall Islands – The waterfall island design is one where the countertop edge flows down to the ground. Waterfall islands are popular due to the unique design they offer which integrates them with a breakfast bar. The best part of waterfall islands is that they look extremely streamlined and stylish with a neat geometric connected line.
  • Colorful Fixtures – It is time that we must bid a humble goodbye to the sturdy yet age-old stainless steel taps and sinks. The time for variations such as copper, bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, teal, turquoise, and even matte black has come. These faucets are as varied in colors as they are in function and you can choose from a wide range available today for a unique luxury modern kitchen design.
  • Open Wooden Shelves with Curios – The wooden shelves are a kitchen design classic and in no way new to the homeowners and designers in Dubai. They have been used for a long time now. The newer trend for a modern kitchen uses open wooden shelves in the kitchen for keeping curios and other interesting pieces instead of storing kitchen goods and equipment. This gives the open shelves an aesthetic quality which gives a unique character to the kitchen.
  • Welcoming the Greenery – If you are designing a modern kitchen in Dubai, one of the welcome tips is using a lot of greenery and plants. The plants make a great addition to the windowsill since they also provide ample sunlight. They provide natural color to your kitchen and additionally you can plant edible herbs to add some flavor to your food.

modern kitchen in dubai

These modern kitchen design ideas are great for homeowners who want to give their kitchens a contemporary look and feel without spending an insane amount of money to do so. For a great custom modern kitchen design for your home, you can contact the Snaidero Kitchen Design in Dubai who can take care of your entire kitchen designing needs. Just give us a call at +97142944803 for our consultants to familiarize you with many other designs and walk you through the decision-making process to design a unique modern kitchen.

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