Make the Most of Your Kitchen Pantry Space with
these Amazing Kitchen Pantry Designs Ideas

Pantry is an essential part of modern kitchens which help in stacking away the canned food, dry ingredients, and spare kitchen equipment. It is essential to put the right management system in place so that the pantry does not get run over by the clutter that gathers in our kitchen. To maintain the neatness and organization of pantry, there are various ideas you can try to keep things in their designated space. Here are the top kitchen pantry design ideas that will revolutionize the layout of your pantry and make tidying up less of a chore.

kitchen pantry design ideas

  • Shelves on the door – Using shelves in your pantry door provides the extra storage space for dry ingredients in bottles and jars. This best kitchen pantry design also makes sure that the jars are safely stored with minimal risk of them falling off. Installing a wire shelf on the doors of the pantry gives you additional closed storage space.
  • Pantry door into chalkboard – Add the functionality of the blackboard to the kitchen door in this kitchen design idea. You can use this handy tip to write down reminders, grocery lists or notes. It can also be a DIY project and replace the chalkboard with a magnetic whiteboard.
  • Baker’s rack – The industrial wire shelves can give the pantry a neat look. To use this kitchen pantry cabinet design and to give it a more retro look, you can add cane baskets to organize things as well as keep the budget on the lower end. Another tip is to use the middle racks to stack the items that you frequently use so that they are always accessible to you.
  • Sliding door – To save some space and easy operation you can install a barn style sliding door. This farmhouse like set-up is one of the best kitchen pantry design ideas which can help you quickly conceal the pantry area when you have company in the house. It also gives a very sleek yet country style set-up to the entire kitchen due to the wooden finish of the door.
  • Pull-on drawers – If you want to effectively utilize the space below the racks, you can opt for pull-on drawers in the area below the waist level. You can opt for wire shelves for the setup to have good ventilation within the shelves.
  • Jar decals – If you have a plain glass or transparent poly carbonate jars that you use to keep the dry ingredients, one handy tip is to add decals on them to give it a stylish feel. You can also use a marker to note the expiry date of the ingredients at the back.
  • Add wallpaper – Add a pattern to the back of the racks by adding fancy wallpaper as the backdrop for the shelves. This creative kitchen pantry design will bring up the style quotient of the shelves.
  • Go for frosted glass – If you decide to go for a glass door, try to make it the frosted glass which hides the mess inside while still appearing great.

kitchen pantry design ideas

These quality kitchen pantry designs will not only save space in your pantry and keep things organized but can also bring up the style quotient of the kitchen. Our consultants at the Snaidero Kitchen Designs are experts with a lot more ideas to tame your pantry and make it appear awesome. You can contact us at +971 42944803 to talk to our consultants and beautify your pantry and other areas of your kitchen.

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