5 Luxury Italian Kitchen Design Trends for 2020 You  Need to know About


A home is an extension of its owner and it reflects the lifestyle, taste and overall persona of its occupants. Nowhere in the house is it more evident than in the kitchen. The incredible amount of energy that flows through it and the heartiest social gatherings that it invokes, makes the kitchen a living, breathing entity. The kitchens have evolved in the past decade in not only as a better enabled one but also as a “living space” with enhanced ergonomics. The result is not just a kitchen that looks good but also feels good as it becomes possible to work more efficiently. As we have more varied technologies that are integrated into our homes everyday, here are the top 5 luxury Italian kitchen design trends to watch out for in 2020.

luxury Italian kitchen

    • Concealed storage rules the way – One of the key elements of the luxury Italian kitchen design is having many cleverly and inconspicuously concealed storage spaces for the various kitchen equipment, ingredients and all else. This continues to be one of the key trends that is likely to continue well into Italian kitchen trends 2020 as well.
    • Function dictates the form – The utility of the kitchen should not be compromised while you choose the design of the kitchen. Kitchen is a workspace and should continue to function as one. The future luxury Italian kitchen designs must keep this in mind accommodating all the equipment seamlessly without missing the essential workflow.
    • Contrasting textures and colors – As the designer’s experiment with even diverse materials designs, the Italian kitchen ideas involving contrasting textures such as wood and metal will likely be popular in 2020. You can play around with the ideas such as using contrasting colors for cabinets and appliances. You can also emphasize patterns to improve the aesthetics of the space.
    • Decide the lighting well – Apart from the colors and textures also pay attention to the lighting of the Italian Kitchen. This means the intensity of the light that you use as well as the temperature of the lighting. Dubai homes are generally sunny with plenty of outdoor light peeking in and therefore choosing diffused lighting with warmer color lights work well for most homes however a lot depends on the color theme that you use.
    • Countertop designs – The kitchen countertop these days are generally designed to match the other design elements of the kitchen itself. This is one of the Italian kitchen design trend that’s on the rise in 2020. The usual way of designing is to match it with the flooring  and there are some great options that have come up in the Engineered Stone material. A granite or quartz countertop will definitely add to the visual appeal of your kitchen.

luxury kitchen design trends 2020

The above trends are likely to continue well into 2020 as the top trends in Italian kitchen design. To have a better understanding of the various option that may work for you, we at Snaidero Kitchens Design, can help bring to life your dream Italian kitchen. Schedule an appointment with our team of Kitchen Design consultants today, by calling us at +971 42944803.

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