Lesser-known Lighting Tips to better Illuminate your Kitchen

Whether it is a big kitchen or a small one, we all try hard to make our kitchen look the best, don’t we? However, no matter how much effort you put to design your kitchen to make it look unique, if you go wrong with the kitchen lighting plan, all your efforts will go down the drain. Therefore, today we will discuss the modern kitchen lighting ideas that you can opt for.

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Ambient Lighting

With ambient lighting, you can create overall illumination in the kitchen area. By adding these lights, you can make your kitchen look extra brighter. Even the areas that do not receive a lot of lighting will look clearer and illuminated with these lights. Let us talk about these lights specifically.

Recessed lights

If you are not very fond of hanging lights, recessed lights are the ones that you should opt for. These lights will fit right into your ceiling and give a sleek look. These give a lot of light and are perfect even if you are looking for a small kitchen lighting layout. To get an aligned look, you can install them in grid style.

Flush mount ceiling lights

Flush mount lights are dome-shaped and perfect for illuminating small to medium kitchens. You can choose between white and warm lights to create the desired lighting layout design in your kitchen.

Task Lighting

Instead of ambient lighting which may cast a shadow on your counters or your range, compromising the functionality of the kitchen, the task lighting instead focuses on the functionality aspect more. The task lighting works on the simple principle that the areas where more work is done should be better illuminated. Some of the types of task lightings are as follows:

Track lights

Instead of a single point of illumination, the track lighting is a strip of lights on the ceiling which has been arranged in a linear form. One of the best places you can install track lights is your island or on top of your cooking range. Make sure that the angle of the lights is arranged perfectly so that no shadows are cast in the work areas.

Under-cabinet lights

Under-cabinet lights provide an excellent direct focus on the counters. The best part about these lights is that they can help you eliminate the shadows cast by the cabinets.

Accent Lighting

Instead of providing a single source of illumination, the accent lighting work as complimentary lights to the main lighting source. They are often used as decorative lighting since they do not make a huge difference in the overall lighting of the kitchen. Here are the major types of accent lighting.

Wall-mounted light

As the name suggests, the wall-mounted lighting is similar to flush mounts lights. however, instead of the ceiling, they are installed on the walls.

Pendant lighting

Similar to the chandeliers of the olden days, the pendant lightings hang from the ceiling and come in an exciting variety.  They are usually used on top of the breakfast bars and counters and provide a nice glow to the entire kitchen.

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Saying that lighting can make or mar your kitchen’s design is not far from the truth. Some great results can be achieved by carefully integrating the lighting elements in your kitchen. To find the perfect lighting options, for creating the right ambiance in your kitchen, you can contact the industry experts at Snaidero Kitchen Design. You can call them at  +97142944803.

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