Latest Trends in Kitchen Ceiling Design in 2021

Every part of your home deserves to be designed in a way that reflects your personal style and taste. You can choose several designs that you can connect with to help you fulfill the vision of your dream home. One of the home design elements that can easily help you customize the look and feel of your kitchen is the kitchen ceiling design. Homeowners these days have the luxury of choosing among the varied types of kitchen ceiling design. You can not only choose the various color themes and textures but also the different materials, each with their unique property to customize your kitchen ceiling design for Dubai homes as much as you want. We have compiled for you the top trends in kitchen ceiling designs so that it is easier for you to make an informed choice as far as your kitchen ceiling is concerned. Here are the best latest trends in kitchen ceiling design that are expected to rule 2021.

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  • Wooden Ceiling Design – If you want to give your kitchen a bit of country or rustic feel, then the Exposed beam ceiling is one of the best choices. The biggest benefit of using the wooden design on the kitchen ceiling design is that it conceals the imperfections or chipping on the ceiling and even if visible it adds to the personality of the kitchen. Depending on how much of the ceiling you want to be covered by the wood you can additionally opt for Wooden Plank paneled ceiling design as well which provides a more cabin-like feel to the kitchen.
  • Textured Ceiling – While a plain white ceiling is no doubt timelessly elegant, although a bit dated, adding even a slight texture to the ceiling can do wonders to make it stand apart. Some of the popular textures are the usage of tiles since they are easy to clean and Victorian tiles are also preferred for giving a vintage look. Since some textures may be difficult to clean, do consider getting a coating of clear protective paint.
  • Vaulted Ceiling with Built-in Skylight – It has become one of the staples of the modern kitchen since it provides a lot of natural lighting into the kitchen. Although considered a prominent luxury kitchen ceiling design, it may not be suited to all Dubai homes, since it may result in cooling loss due to the greenhouse effect indoors during the summer months.
  • Pendant lighting or Panel lighting – One of the important decisions that come along with deciding upon an attractive kitchen ceiling design is deciding upon the lighting options. One of the most suitable for most kitchen designs is to opt for multi-level lighting which leaves minimal dark nooks and corners. Go for a combination of lamps with directional lighting, panel lighting, or spotlights to create a good lighting theme, and then accessorize the kitchen with your choice of pendant lights.
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      These are just a few of the best kitchen ceiling designs that can effortlessly add the required customization and style. If you wish to browse through some more designs of kitchen ceilings, you can head to the website Snaidero Kitchen Design where you can not only choose the ceiling designs, but also other areas of the kitchen to match. There are a great variety of designs to explore and you can also contact us at +97142944803 to consult our experts in kitchen designs.

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