Latest Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Dubai Homes

Open kitchen designs have gained immense popularity in all parts of the world due to the space-saving design and user-friendly approach. There are many apartments and houses today that are being designed these days that employ attractive open kitchen designs. There are plenty of benefits that can be achieved as a result of using open kitchen design ideas such as easier access, improved ventilation, aesthetic appeal, and better social interaction while cooking. You can also save on lighting as the light from the living area also illuminates the kitchen. The design comes as a boon for smaller apartments designed for couples and smaller families where an isolated kitchen might not be compatible. Here are some of the latest open kitchen design ideas popular among homeowners and which can beautify your home.

open kitchen design ideas

  • Separating the kitchen – One of the open kitchen design tips that have gained a lot of popularity deals with the important issue of separating the kitchen area from the rest of the house. Some of the visual cues that can help you achieve this is using a colorful rug or using a different theme of tiles than the living room.
  • Single Wall kitchen – Another one of the popular open kitchen designs involves a single wall kitchen that overlooks a living room. An amazing open kitchen design that has become a staple of studio apartments is the single-wall kitchen setup. This clean and practical setup wastes no space and is great when you are looking for a place to carry out cooking however freeing up the kitchen space when you are done, with no obstruction on the floor.
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  • Task Lighting – One of the key benefits of not having a wall separating your living room and the kitchen is that you can share the installed and outdoor lighting. When it comes to your kitchen lighting, it is going to be more important to opt for task lighting which provides functional efficiency. Add some shiny-looking scone lights to your kitchen workspace for the perfect mix of aesthetics and function.
  • Add herbs and greenery – When it comes to having a luxury open kitchen design, an important part is involving the natural elements to the otherwise lifeless design. You can add extra functionality by going for mini herb pots and greenery. You can trim there regularly and add fresh sprigs of herbs to your recipes.
  • Shelves replacing cabinets – When it comes to open kitchens, you may want to favor open shelves instead of cabinets since they allow better distribution of space and circulation of air. You can also access the contents of the shelves easier. For the cabinets stick to the ones below the counter and you can even mix them up with some drawers.

open kitchen design

These open kitchen designs will help you counter most of the limitations of an open-plan kitchen design and helps you do wonders with the available kitchen space. For further advice and support, you can contact the Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803. You can discuss your own kitchen requirements and get to know the best-suited design for your kitchen.

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