Latest Modular Kitchen Designs Trends to Rule in 2021

Kitchen designs have evolved a lot in these last 10 years. What was installed in the kitchen 10 years ago is not the same today. And if you are trying to go as per the recent trends, you should choose a modular kitchen design. The modular kitchen design is trending and has been established in the market for various reasons. It is not just the aesthetics, but it also helps in keeping the kitchen organized and makes it look cleaner and tidier. Therefore, you do not have to wonder where you stored a bunch of spoons or that bowl that you need to serve soup at. The reason is simple; everything is kept in the designated sections. And when you get the best modular kitchen design, it even becomes easier and smoother to work in a kitchen.

modular kitchen design trends

Now if you are giving some serious thoughts to the modular kitchen design trends, here are some designs that you may want to  consider.

  • Large modules for cabinets: One of the most used as well as attractive modular kitchen designs is the cabinets. You can incorporate several different modules to fit the space available here. If you are not keen on getting cabinets you can also find open shelves to replace some of them. You can also install lights inside the cabinets to see the contents of the cabinet properly.
  • Drawers under the counters: Under the counters, avoid the temptation to install the cabinets and go for drawers instead. They will provide you a much better reach for the under-counter areas without you needing to bend to access them. Get custom drawers according to the size of your kitchenware so that they fit perfectly the available space.
  • Sleek counters for parallel kitchen modules: Also called galley kitchen, this is one of the mostusedmodular kitchen designs that you will come across. You get a lot of counter space and there is enough area to move around. Be sure to install sleeker cabinets to free up enough floor space. This way even if two people are working in the kitchen, you will not encounter any problem.
  • Corner areas – Go for modules such as rotating shelves or Lazy Susan for effectively using the corner cabinet areas. You can also use corner areas for pull-out drawers and removable trolleys for some creative use of the space. The corner areas on the other hand can also be used for creatively installed modules housing appliances such as toasters or electric kettle.
  • Install modules in an Island: This design not only makes it easier for the one who is working in the kitchen but also adds a lot of beauty to the area. You can even add ceiling lights just above the island to make it look even more attractive. One of the counters can even be kept for entertainment or work purposes while under the counter modules such as drawers can be installed. This is much like an island layout, but the floor space occupied is less. This is also perfect for smaller kitchens.

modular kitchen design trends

The modular kitchen ideas are sure to help you make your kitchen better looking as well as easy to maintain and clean. As you are looking for modular kitchen design for Dubai homes, you can get in touch with Snaidero Kitchen Designs and talk to our consultants. To contact us, you can give a call at +97142944803 and discuss with our consultants in length.

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