Kitchen Layout Ideas that Work for Dubai Homes

If there is one area of the house to which every member of the house has a connection, it has to be the kitchen. The place has a special place in many cultures not only due to providing one of the most basic needs of human life but also because of its intimate relationship with the household. The kitchen layout plays an important role in planning this important area of the house. Various kitchen layout ideas are available that help you control the flow of traffic and work of the kitchen along with creating a gorgeous setup. Here are some of the most popular kitchen layouts and kitchen layout tips that will help you choose the right layout and make the most of the design.

kitchen layout ideas

  • Single Wall kitchen – The single wall kitchen is as streamlined and simple as it is easy to beautify. The modern kitchen layout has become a staple of studio apartments due to its compact size and unobtrusive setup. Employing this design the biggest challenge you are likely to face will be of lack of storage. To counter this you need to increase the vertical storage and opt for cabinets from floor to the roof.
  • Parallel or Galley kitchen – This kitchen is usually seen in many houses and is characterized by two parallel walls. While you get a lot of storage space, you can also decorate these kitchens easily with little effort and choosing the right color theme. One of the operational considerations is planning the work areas on only one side of the kitchen, so that there is not much need to move from one wall to another and allowing traffic through.
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  • L-shaped kitchen – This attractive kitchen layout has gained a lot of popularity due to the rise of open-plan kitchens. There are many popular color combinations that you can try out thanks to the versatile design. The only concern with this kitchen is the wasted corner space however installing a pull-out pantry cupboard, installing a Lazy Susan, or rotating cabinets can help you make use of these. You can also add furniture easily to this kitchen creating a dining space, especially if you are choosing to go for a kitchen island.
  • U-shaped kitchen – Some of the oldest kitchen designs, the U-shaped kitchen has work counters on three sides with only one way in and out of the kitchen. There is plenty of storage space and amazing kitchen layout variations that you can try out. The biggest challenge here is the lack of ventilation due to the closed-off structure. The way out of this is to ensure not to overcrowd the kitchen, and free up one of the walls for circulation space and not go for cabinets that are too high.
  • G-shaped kitchen – Also called the peninsula kitchen, this luxury kitchen layout has an island extending out of one of the walls or cabinets. This structure is a great option for traditional kitchens that don’t have additional space for an independent island. You can remove a portion of the wall in a traditional kitchen to create a nice window space for socializing while cooking.

kitchen layout

These kitchen layouts guide you to make the best decisions regarding your kitchen design. You can install them easily as most good kitchen designers are familiar with these. In Dubai, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for advice regarding trying out different layouts at your current or future kitchen. Call today at +97142944803 to book a consultation.

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