Top 7 Kitchen Interior Design Ideas
that are Here to Stay

The contemporary interior designing trends have helped in shaping the dreams of many homeowners and bring their vision to life. This is equally true for the kitchen as it is for the other areas of the house. The modern kitchen design ideas are a result of smart planning, blending the functionality and aesthetics in the right measure. Some of the kitchen interior designs have completely dominated the market and have turned out to be the driving force behind the eternal classics. Let us take a look at some of the kitchen design trends in 2020 worth taking note of.

kitchen interior design

  • Rise of the Breakfast Bar – The breakfast bar has become a staple of modern kitchens. This kitchen design idea is popular because of the great practical benefits. The breakfast bar is an amalgamation of the dining table with the kitchen island. The logic is simple that you get one piece of furniture with the functionality of two. Even if you have a dedicated dining area with a dining table in your home, it is still worth it to get a breakfast bar in the kitchen.
  • Tiles all around – Tiles are a great option for anyone who wants to avoid the damage to their kitchen walls, thanks to the tile’s splash-proof and stain-resistant properties. Colorful tiles also add a lot of warmth and texture to the walls to customize the look and feel of your kitchen.
  • Shaker Cabinets – The kitchen design trend that has made a real difference are the minimalistic Shaker Cabinets. This trend started with the followers of the Shaker sect who were known for their minimalistic lifestyle. The Shaker Shelves today are known for the usage of minimal material and low maintenance which makes them very affordable.
  • Lazy Susan Cabinets – For the homeowners who have an L-shaped kitchen, Lazy Susan cabinets have come up as a great space-saving option. It installs easily and helps you get the optimal utilization of corner space in cabinets.
  • Engineered Worktop – Engineered worktops are made of composites that are man made, and they can have a variety of finishes such as marble, granite, and many more. The best part of going for them instead of the original stones themselves is their practicality with properties such as high durability, stain and heat resistance, and non-porous texture. This makes them fit for the worktop surface of all kinds.
  • Open Plan kitchen – The open plan kitchen is the wall-less kitchen which merges with the living area. This provides a more social setup for the kitchen which is perfectly matched to the evolution of our social lives. It is now one of the top ideas for kitchen remodeling which is preferred by homeowners, architects, and interior designers alike.
  • Layered lighting – This best kitchen design idea of layered lighting transforms the kitchen from a plainly lit room to one with different lights focusing on all the areas of the kitchen. The result is a stylish kitchen with lighting fixtures working to add more life and avoiding dark corners.

kitchen interior design ideas

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