Kitchen Furniture That Make a Big Impact

The kitchen plays an important part in making a home hospitable for guests and improves the quality of life for the residents. One thing that homeowners need to pay a lot of attention to while they design the kitchen of their dreams, is the kitchen furniture. The right kitchen furniture design can make a kitchen appear more organized, welcoming, and functional. Choosing the right furniture according to your kitchen design takes some work; however, it can also be a rewarding process as it can transform the entire look of the kitchen at a fraction of the entire remodeling cost. Here are some of the best kitchen furniture ideas that make a big impact on your kitchen design.

kitchen furniture

  • Incorporate kitchen drawers – Kitchen drawers can be a big space saver as you can replace the kitchen cabinets under the counter-top with pull out drawers. They can prevent the things from accidentally dropping on the floor and increase the storage space of the kitchen. You can even put the trash bin as a pull out drawers so that the kitchen looks near and the trash is not visible to all. One modern kitchen furniture design includes installing power points in a shallow pull out drawer to charge your phone and also get additional power points for kitchen appliances.
  • Smooth cabinet designs – As you install the cabinets on top of the kitchen counter; opt for a smooth and sleek design, one preferably with no visible handles. The cabinets should blend in enough to make it appear as a smooth design flowing through the kitchen. Go for a single color or two-tone cabinet surface and experiment with different materials to get a signature design and a luxury kitchen furniture look. You can also get innovative modules such as Lazy Susan or Accordion-style pull out cabinets for easy access.
  • Open shelving options – Open shelves are a great way for showcasing the key pieces that you want to highlight in the kitchen. Although they need to be dusted and cleaned regularly, they add a lot to the aesthetics of the kitchen. The open shelving is also great for easy access to the chinaware and cookware stored there.
  • Dining Corner and Bar – Adding a dining corner on the kitchen windowsill or as an extension of the kitchen countertop can provide an excellent place to entertain guests or for a casual dining space. The breakfast bar as it is otherwise called is a great addition to any modern kitchen. Another attractive kitchen furniture design for the breakfast bar is adding it as a raised platform to the kitchen island.
  • Tall and sleek chairs – With the breakfast bar, getting the regular dining chairs which occupy a lot of space is not a very apt solution. The better option is going for sleek and tall bar stool-like chairs which take lesser space and allow more movement space around them. You can also choose chairs and stools that can be tucked under the breakfast bar to be put away when not in use.

kitchen furniture

The kitchen furniture for Dubai homes are great for adding a touch of class to any kitchen while making it more practical and easier to work in. If you too want to implement designs such as these in your home, you can connect with Snaidero Kitchen Design at +971 42944803. Our kitchen design specialists can advise you about the latest kitchen design trends so that you can choose the best designs for your kitchen.

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