Kitchen Designs for Small Apartments in Dubai

It is true when people say, “a home is where the heart is”. No matter whether you live in a huge villa or a cozy small apartment, the place will have a special significance for you. Many people prefer small apartments due to their financial viability and easy maintenance. One part that small apartment residents often struggle with is the best kitchen design ideas for the apartments. No need to worry anymore since we have curates some kitchen design ideas that will help you make the most of the limited space available in your apartment. Here are the most used kitchen design ideas to pick from.

Kitchen designs for small apartments in Dubai


Layout plays an important role whether it is a huge kitchen or a small kitchen. And since we are talking especially of a small kitchen, mentioning layout matters a lot as depending upon it, you can design the entire kitchen. No matter what kind of attractive kitchen design ideas you wish to have, everything is possible if the layout is apt.

Using Kitchen Equipment as Art

You can use pans and mugs as art in the kitchen. Although, you need to keep them very clean and as spotless as possible; you can put them on the wall to make the kitchen look unique. This will also help you to use the walls and the cabinets can be used for storing other things.

Add Lights

Lights can change the ambiance of any place. And if you are looking for luxury kitchen design ideas, adding lights is a must. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right kind of lights for the kitchen space. Since the kitchen is small you can go for accent lights and also use multi-level lighting to minimize any dark nooks and corners from popping up.

Choose the Right Color

As we discuss small kitchen design ideas, we cannot just miss out on mentioning the color part. Choosing the right color for your kitchen can make or mar the entire look. For small kitchens, one must choose lighter colors. One of the best options to go for is white. Choosing the white color kitchen theme will make it look bigger.

Add Greens

If you are a happy chef, it will reflect in the taste of the food you cook. And as you add plants to your kitchen, it will uplift your mood naturally. It will psychologically give you a soothing effect. Various indoor plants do not need sunlight at all. You can get some of these plants and use small pots to place them around your kitchen strategically.

Add Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

You might find a space crunch in a small kitchen. In one such case, you can get the floor-to-ceiling cabinets installed and you will surely get a lot of space for storage.

Kitchen designs for small apartments in Dubai

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