Kitchen Design for Small Spaces: Optimizing Your Kitchen Space

A small kitchen design can be a challenging but very rewarding endeavor. Just because you have a limited space to work with doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill all your functional and aesthetic needs.

To maximize layout, floor space, and work surfaces, rather break up the kitchen triangle and set up the three main functional areas (cooking, washing and storage) side by side.

Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

Use an Island Layout

Consider including a small island as part of the design – this can house the sink, microwave and dishwasher or storage space, and add extra counter space for food preparation or dining.

Free-standing dining tables occupy a lot of space because they require walk-around room on every side. Incorporating an island or peninsula is therefore a more practical solution where space is at a premium. A peninsula island can double as a dining area and work surface, or as a room divider.

If the space allows, you can create a cozy banquette dining area where two or three rows of seats are placed directly against the walls.

Use an Island Layout

Opt for Clever Counter Designs

To increase counter space, opt for a curved counter-top, like the one featured in Snaidero’s Skyline kitchen, to expand your work surface with added depth if your kitchen is not very wide.

If your floor space allows for it, use slightly deeper base cabinets that can add some extra counter space. Placing the sink diagonally in a corner. will also free up counter space on the sides and along wall units. Consider fitting slide-in chopping boards or other foldaway work spaces.

If you have the budget and are able to relocate plumbing and electrical fittings, you might consider taking down a wall to increase your kitchen space. Consider whether you’ll need to have a support structure, like a beam or side columns to replace the wall. Or, you could create the space for a dining counter or work area by carving an opening into an existing wall without removing the entire wall.

Opt for Clever Counter Designs

Creating Space for Storage

A small kitchen space often doesn’t offer much room for storage, but with some creative planning there are ways to make use of otherwise wasted or unused space.

Gaps between wall units can be fitted with pull-out shelves and window sills and back-splash sections can also be utilized as storage space, with the addition of some practical accessories.

Wall cabinets can be extended to the ceiling, although these can make the room feel smaller than it is. Alternatively, use open shelving higher up or deeper base cabinets that include full pull-out baskets. Frameless cabinets will also allow to you gain a few extra inches of storage space. Consider using a rotating shelf or full pull-out shelves in corner cabinets.

Creating Space for Storage

Get Smart About Appliances

Smaller, high-quality appliances will often get the job done just as well as full-sized ones without taking up extra space and combination appliances, like microwave/oven or microwave/hood are the way to go in a small space. Appliances that you don’t use often can be stored away from the functional center of the kitchen.

Your refrigerator is likely the biggest unit in your kitchen – refrigerators integrated into wall units will make the kitchen appear less cluttered.

Get Smart About Appliances

Creating the Illusion of Space

Large tiles on the floor and backsplash will make your kitchen space seem bigger and a design that enhances horizontal rather than vertical lines will streamline the feel of the kitchen space.

Good lighting also creates the illusion of space. Natural lighting from a window is always first choice, but the right combination of task and ambient lighting can still give you a brightly lit kitchen that feels spacious.

What Are You Waiting For?

Turn your small kitchen design into a thoroughly enjoyable and livable masterpiece with these tips from the kitchen design experts.

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