Kitchen Cabinets Ideas for Dubai Homes in 2021

A kitchen speaks volumes about the taste, and design sense of the homeowner. It is the true reflection of the lifestyle of the people who reside in the home and makes a huge impression on the guests. To upgrade the kitchen, kitchen cabinets are one of the components that makes a huge impact on not only the aesthetics of the kitchen but also on the flow of work. Today if you are out in the market looking for some modern kitchen cabinets, you can find yourself spoiled for choices with several layouts, designs, materials, colors, and finishes. We have listed down the trendiest kitchen cabinet ideas, which make it a joy to redesign your kitchen and give it a new look fit for the turn of the decade. Here are the best kitchen cabinets that you can opt for in your kitchen design in 2021.

kitchen cabinets ideas

  • Open Cabinets – What can be more refreshing than seeing a kitchen cabinet that doesn’t have any doors. Reduced to one of the most basic kitchen fixtures, an open cabinet looks like a kitchen shelf however differentiates itself through the walls on the side and top. It definitely adds to the workflow in the kitchen through easy access to the most used kitchen essentials.
  • Glass Cabinets – Glass cabinets are very stylish and add a lot of beauty and charm to the kitchen. For an added effect you can get the lights fitted into the cabinets to illuminate the contents of the cabinet. Another great option for glass door cabinets is using frosted glass which conceals the contents while still giving a nice effect.
  • Blind Corner Cabinets – Getting some cabinets in blind corners is a great option to use the dead space. The hard-to-reach area can still be utilized by employing ideas such as Lazy Susan and Pull-out drawers. You can also store some floating shelves trolley inside this space.
  • Flat Front Cabinets – With no handles or grooves of any kind these cabinets blend in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen displaying just solid surfaces. The operation of these cabinets depends upon the pop-out system or beveled edges such as the one used in Vision by Pininfarina Design at Snaidero Kitchen Design.
  • Island Only Cabinets – Another set of attractive kitchen cabinets can be found having been installed directly on the island. Covering all sides of the kitchen island it can provide a lot of storage options while the handle-less design makes them blend in smoothly with the rest of the kitchen. You can alternate between open and closed designs here based on the look that you wish to go for and the ease of access you wish to have for the storage here.

kitchen cabinet ideas

These are some of the trending designs for kitchen cabinets for Dubai homes,
that you can choose to get installed in your kitchen. To get more such ideas about the best kitchen cabinets in Dubai, you can contact us at the Snaidero Kitchen Design at +971 42944803 and let our consultants guide you through the nuances of kitchen cabinets and how to install them in your dream kitchen.

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