Italian kitchen design vs. traditional kitchen design


To understand the distinct features of modern Italian kitchens and traditional kitchens, you need to understand the characteristics of both of them. Here, we will discuss the different visual appeal, advantages, and functionality of modern Italian kitchens and traditional kitchen designs

Italian kitchen design vs. traditional kitchen design


Italian Kitchens: Italian design features innovative, sleek edges, geometrical lines, smooth cabinetry, and countertops. The contemporary streamlined design creates a perfect fusion with the modern interior designs and the latest minimalist approach. The concealed appliances and stunning countertops open up the functional space and provide a good workflow inside the kitchen. 

The luxury Italian kitchen designs often feature a ‘Board Island’ that is very lucrative and creates an impression like a floating table. The statement light fixtures glam up the personality of open kitchens and provide spotlights in working zones. This creates an overall dim environment inside the kitchen with highlights on the food prep counters. Such elegance makes the design of the Italian kitchen an amazing one and the most beautiful space in your house.  

Traditional Kitchens: Painted cabinetries with wood or glass front doors, simple black stone or granite or laminated engineered wood countertops, and floors made of traditional ceramic tiles or hardwood are the most common feature of an old-style kitchen. Classic elements like copper-made distinctive-looking hardware, formal light fixtures, and accenting tiles compose the traditional interior look.

The molding and trimming in a traditional kitchen design make it feel cozy and warm. The traditional décor style looks rustic, but the modern amenities make an old-styled kitchen a smart workspace. Traditional kitchens in middle-east mostly feature earth tones with natural wood tones that create a welcoming kitchen layout for socialization. You can comfortably attend to your guests in your traditional kitchen while prepping your foods. 

The Different Features of Modern and Traditional Kitchens:

As we have discussed, the decoration style is different in modern and traditional kitchens. Attractive Italian kitchen designs feature sleek and slick streamlined designs, and traditional kitchens focus on molding and trim as noticeable details. Here we will mention the different types of elements that are used in both decorations. 

Materials: Natural element like stone is used to construct traditional kitchens, while the latest Italian kitchen design features engineered materials like composite laminated woods, PVC, etc. The different materials help to create a specific impression of the decoration style. 

Cabinetry: The doors of cabinets are different in both types of kitchen designs. The traditional kitchen features wooden cabinet doors with embedded graphic designs, while the modern Italian kitchen design features cabinets with sleek paneled doors with minimum or no graphics. Only geometrical lines are designed in modern Italian kitchen cabinets. 

Color-Combination: Rustic designs often features warm colors like orange, yellow, or golden with light borders, while modern kitchens usually feature different shades of gray or black, or white. So you can find more attractive colors in old kitchen setups than the modern modular Italian kitchen designs. 

Italian kitchen design vs. traditional kitchen design

The basic appearance of traditional and modern Italian kitchens is entirely different, and both are equally beautiful. So, you can choose any of the décor styles, as per your preference, and they both offer similar functionality. For more Italian kitchen design tips, contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs by calling them at +97142944803, and their expert advisers will solve all your queries and assist in your new kitchen setup. 

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