Introducing Task-Based Lighting For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a special corner in the house that needs to be designed perfectly. And when we talk about designing the kitchen, we usually think about the cabinets, slabs, cooking range, wall texture, etc. We often forget the lighting plays a vital role in making the look of the kitchen. As a matter of fact, choosing the right lights for the kitchen ceiling is very important, especially if you have a smaller kitchen.

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While choosing lights for the kitchen, many homeowners end up going for recessed lights or center-ceiling downlights. Although these lights look very beautiful, some of the areas remain illuminated while others are dark. One of the best types of lighting for a kitchen that you can go for is task lighting.

The task lighting is one of the best kitchen lighting ideas small kitchen and you do not need to get it installed on the ceiling, it can be installed in the cabinets as well. Sounds interesting? Let us discuss the many places where task lights can be installed.

Under the counter

Under the counter are usually the spaces where the light does not reach properly. This is an amazing place to place the task lights. You can find strips, dots, light pucks which are quite cost-effective as well as very easy to install. Some of them also do not need the help of an electrician to be installed.

Kitchen cabinet interiors

When you have lights inside the cabinets, it looks so much stylish. It also makes it easier for you to find things inside the cabinets. And if the doors of your cabinets are of glass, then installing task lights inside the cabinets is of course the best idea.

Inside the drawers

This is not something that you absolutely need but having this installed will surely improve the overall beauty of your kitchen. Also, if you love keeping your kitchen drawers organized, you get to show off your cutlery sets every time someone pulls the drawers. You can also get a motion sensor. As you get this, every time the drawer is pulled, the lights will get switched on, or else they will remain switched off.

Over the island

Do you have an island in the kitchen? Fantastic! Make the most out of it by getting some beautiful task lights installed. If there is already a pendant light just above the kitchen island, you can use some monorails to illuminate the area even more. However, make sure you do not use a lot of them otherwise it will look too flooded with lights.

Over the sink

The sink does not need a lot of lights, to be honest. However, when it is about making each corner of the kitchen beautiful, we must not spare even the sink. You can use a pendant light just on top of the sink and give a unique look to your kitchen.

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