Innovative ways to add a breakfast bar to your kitchen

The popularity of a breakfast bar in the kitchen is enhancing rampantly, as it has a plethora of benefits. Apart from creating a communal and friendly hub, this saves a lot of space for your home and also offers storage solutions. Breakfast bars are generally combined within kitchen islands or peninsula-style layout designs to create a comfortable space.

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If you are looking for kitchen breakfast bar ideas, then a kitchen island could be a popular option. This type of breakfast bar creates a lot of social space in the kitchen. But if you are looking for a handy breakfast bar in your kitchen, then peninsulas could be your utmost choice.  Peninsulas are the perfect kitchen bar ideas for small kitchens. If you are looking for a budget-friendly breakfast bar, then a freestanding breakfast bar could be the best choice for you.

Here, we are going to mention some inspiring breakfast bar ideas for your kitchen.

L-shaped breakfast bar

An L-shaped breakfast bar that is positioned perpendicularly to the kitchen island is a smart choice. You can utilize the additional counter space for food preparation as well as hosting your guests. But you need to cautiously choose the chairs that go well with the background as well as kitchen flooring.

Create an overhanging bar

Do you want to add a breakfast bar into an existing kitchen to give a modern look? Then, an overhang breakfast bar could be the best option for you. You can create an overhang from your kitchen countertop either by spreading the material you used for this surface or incorporating a differing texture like wood to disperse the look.

Add a peninsula

If your present kitchen design doesn’t have adequate space for a breakfast bar, then what do you do? In this scenario, you can create a peninsula or secondary break-off bench space for your kitchen. This peninsula gives you the flexibility to create as much space you want for your breakfast bar in the kitchen. Now, you don’t need to depend on the existing structure of your kitchen.

Round breakfast bar

If you are looking for the best kitchen design ideas in 2021, instead of choosing a straight-line breakfast bar, you should go for a round breakfast bar. A round breakfast bar works best if you have plenty of space. This type of breakfast bar helps you create a custom storage unit and base under the bar. You can pair it up with cushioned bar stools that add color and contrast and will create a wonderful mood in your kitchen.

Lower level kitchen counter breakfast bar

If you want to twist the look of your kitchen, then you should opt for a lower-level kitchen counter breakfast bar. Most breakfast bars are set just a few inches above the island countertop, but this lower-level breakfast bar transforms the look of your kitchen. To create an intriguing twist, you should opt for different colors and materials that create a contrast with your existing countertop.

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