How to make your open kitchen stand out from your living space?

With the houses getting smaller, using all the spaces has become very important. One of the best designs to save space is getting an open kitchen. However, in some of the houses, the open kitchen and living space get so close that it becomes difficult to differentiate both the spaces. Well, if you have an open kitchen merged with a living space and want these two spaces to look different from each other, here are some open kitchen design ideas that you can try. These ideas will make it easier for you to make these two spaces look different from each other.

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One of the best ways to demarcate an open kitchen from your living space is by getting a partition between these two spaces. There are various types of partitions that you can find, which are made of glass, wood, etc. Depending upon the décor of your house, you can choose the material. If the space is too small, choosing a glass partition will give the area a sleek look.

Floor color or material

To give a different look to the open kitchen for a small home, you can also change the color of your kitchen’s floor. If you are looking for cheap options, you can use waterproof vinyl sheets to give a different look to the floor of the kitchen. You can also choose other materials such as wood, marble, or different tiles, etc. However, you need to make sure that the materials that are used in your living space are in contrast with your kitchen.

Colorful rug

If you want to try the easiest option available, you can indicate the boundary between these two areas with a beautiful rug complementing the décor of the room. The rug need not cover the entire space of your open kitchen as it may hide the natural beauty of your kitchen. This will help you to demarcate the kitchen space.

Change of wall color

The color of the walls of your open kitchen and living space can be different. You can even go for textured walls for your living space. The wall of the kitchen area need not be textured as most of the wall space is usually covered with cabinets.

Break in the ceiling

To separate the two spaces, you can get the ceiling at different heights. This is perhaps one of the best ideas to visually demarcate these two spaces.

Furniture arrangement

You can place your furniture in a way between the living space and the kitchen that works as a partition. It works the best with couches.  

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Like these, there are several open kitchen design ideas that you can try to make the kitchen space stand out from the living area. However, if you still want to get more such ideas for your open kitchen in Dubai, you can get in touch with Snaidero Kitchen Designs. Their team of experts will help you to understand the various ideas and accordingly you can make your choice. To reach their experts, you can give them a call at +97142944803.

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