How to Make the Most of Dark Cabinets for
Your Kitchen Design

Absolutely white, absolutely sterile kitchen design will always have its adherents, and there’s no denying it’s an impressive look. But for those who prefer a softer atmosphere, kitchen cabinets and appliances in dark shades and dark ceramic countertops could be the style that says “home” to you.

Although we might think of rich wood finishes and beaten metal first when we speak of dark kitchen cabinets in kitchen design, there’s also a very space-age look that can be achieved with dark cabinets and counters, or one can go art deco with black and white contrasts.

dark kitchen cabinets

Decide Your Style

To avoid getting lost among a succession of very attractive options and ending up with a kitchen design that tries to be too many things at once, consider choosing modular kitchens. They’re almost infinitely customizable and you know that they’re developed by trendsetting designers who’ll place you ahead of the curve.

So, here’s the big decision: are we going for nostalgia; are we gliding into the utopian future our parents never imagined; or are we looking for an artsy look that says creativity happens here?

There’s no wrong answer. Good design should cater to all tastes. You know you want dark cabinets, but what’s the setting?

dark kitchen cabinets

Use Contrast – or Fade to Black

With dark Cabinets as the central feature in your design, you need to decide whether you’ll throw them into relief with contrasting colors, or shade through to darker colors. In the former context, your kitchen cabinets will be a stand-out feature. In the latter, they will form part of a unified theme. Once again, there are no wrong answers. Decide what you prefer and go with your gut. Just don’t take the middle-road. Make a statement.

dark kitchen cabinet design

Metallic Accents Require Careful Placement

As soon as you go dark, you need to be extra careful about the placement of light accents like metallic basics. Every kitchen has its share of these, so the careful designer will think about how they are placed. Even if you choose mellow brass colors, the metallic colors will shine out against the dark cabinets you’ve chosen. Place your accents to maximum advantage for a sleek, balanced look.

dark kitchen cabinet design ideas

Designer Kitchens in Dubai Start with Concepts From Snaidero

If you’d like to know how a designer kitchen with dark cabinets would look in your home, Snaidero’s kitchen design consultants are here to help you with your kitchen designs that are tailored to meet your needs.

From cabinets to countertops to the best layout for kitchen equipment, Dubai’s luxury kitchens are packed with luxurious finishes and Italian style from Snaidero.

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