How To Make A Black And White Kitchen Standout

When we plan to color a kitchen, we mostly consider the color that we used for the rest of the house, isn’t it? Well, that may be a convenient idea but certainly not the best one. Your kitchen is a special area in your house and it should be painted in your favorite color. Also, as we talk about the color of the kitchen, we do not only mean the walls but the cabinets as well. Gone are the days when we would choose just any color for the kitchen. These days, people are more into all-black or all-white. Although choosing any one for the kitchen can make it a bit too dark or totally plain, you can try a mix of black and white for your kitchen. So let us check out some of the black and white kitchen ideas here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Kitchen Design


Top cabinets black and bottom ones white

The first thing you need to make your kitchen look absolutely beautiful is to get some glossy finished cabinets. As the black kitchen concept is concerned, you can get them wall-mounted above the countertop. The cabinets under the countertop can be white glossy. This will create a great balance in the look of the kitchen.

Full length black and white cabinets

Black kitchen design is surely taking over and you can add beauty to your kitchen by getting full-length cabinets installed in the kitchen. The idea is that the majority part of the cabinets will be in black and only the middle part of the cabinet will be white. This will give a very symmetrical look to the kitchen.

Black cabinets with stainless steel accents

If you want your kitchen to look classy, you can get matte black kitchen cabinets with stainless steel accents. This will not only look attractive but will also be cost-effective for you. This monochromatic theme is surely going to be the next talk of the town. Try this and you will certainly fall in love with your kitchen yet over again.

Presence of white more

Many people do not like the idea of an all-black kitchen or too much of black color even if there is some other color. If you are fond of a white kitchen design with a bit of black in it, you can get the cabinets white while the countertop in black. To balance the black color, you can keep the pantry door black. An alternate idea of a similar type is bordering the all-white with black cabinets. This will help you to have the presence of white more while not making the kitchen look boring at the same time.

In-built appliance cabinet design

As the modern white kitchen ideas are concerned, you can the entire kitchen white and paint the in-built appliance cabinet in black color. This idea will take your kitchen to a different level of sophistication.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Kitchen Design

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