Guide to Attractive yet Functional Kitchen Layouts

“How to design a kitchen layout?”, is perhaps one of the most common questions that almost all homeowners have in their minds. After all, a kitchen layout decides how practical and functional it will be. The size of the kitchen, whether big or small, does not actually matter if the kitchen layout is right. Therefore, while your kitchen is getting ready or you are planning to get it renovated, you need to be sure about the layout of the area. This complete kitchen layouts guide will help you to find the right layout for your kitchen and start working on it.

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Galley Kitchen

This is a basic kitchen layout in which there are two rows of cabinets that face each other. There is a galley or inner passage between these two rows. As you get this layout, not even an inch of your kitchen will be wasted. This is also a cost-effective option. However, in this type of kitchen, not many people will be able to work together simultaneously.

L-shaped Kitchen

An L-shaped layout is an excellent option for both small and large kitchens. While the cabinets are placed on two sides of the kitchen, you will get a lot of space in this type of layout. You will also get a lot of space to place the kitchen appliances.

U-shaped Kitchen

If you have a large-sized kitchen, this layout will be just perfect. You will get plenty of storage space in one such kitchen. However, if you get upper cabinets installed on all three sides, it may look a bit enclosed. To avoid one such thing, you can get upper cabinets on one or two sides of the kitchen, while the third may remain as it is. This type of kitchen is great for the big families here more than one person works in the kitchen.

Island Kitchen

Just like an island, a large work surface or storage area is placed in the middle of the kitchen. You can get the cooktop installed on the island, or can even make it a prep area or a minibar. If you have a bigger kitchen island, you can even use the area as a breakfast bar by getting 3-4 chairs. This kind of layout helps people manage space efficiently.

One Wall Kitchen

If you have a studio apartment or the area of the kitchen is very small, you can go for a one-wall kitchen. This is a simple layout in which the cabinets and the cooktop area are all placed on only one side of the kitchen. However, to create storage areas, you can get upper and lower cabinets installed in the kitchen.

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There are some of the most beautiful modular kitchen layouts available these days. However, before choosing any one, you need to be certain about the space that you have in your kitchen. If you want some more ideas about kitchen layouts, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803. You can talk to their industry experts and decide the layout that will be ideal for your kitchen.

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