Future-Ready Luxury Italian Kitchen Designs for 2021

Luxury Italian kitchens may still be called kitchens as they continue to serve their primary purpose of preparing food, in reality, they have transcended to the realm of art. Visually stunning kitchens that are a treat to the eyes are no longer rare as more people are opting to invest in the best luxury Italian kitchen in Dubai. If you too wish to have a spectacular and state of art kitchen in your home through the best luxury Italian kitchen designs, we have covered here some of the best luxury Italian kitchen designs that are future-ready. Here are some of the Luxury Italian kitchen design trends that you can apply in your next kitchen renovation or kitchen redesigning project.

luxury Italian kitchen

  • Double Island is the way to go – If you have the open space, adding a second kitchen island is turning out to be one of the interesting choices that have turned many heads with their novel look. It is more functional than one large island which looks out of place and also turns out to be of less practical value. It is also one of the attractive Italian kitchen designs out there, especially for those opting for an open kitchen since the second Island can double as a breakfast bar or dining space.
  • Open kitchens continue to be the favorite – Open kitchens, where the kitchen merges with the living space or dining room, have been popular through 2020 and it is a trend likely to continue to 2021 as well. What is emerging now as a trend in the open kitchen is using a different pattern or type of flooring to mark the kitchen area. If that is not an option currently, using a bright rug works just as well.
  • Curious pieces in open shelving – Open shelving definitely looks great in the kitchen, but what makes them more interesting is having curious pieces such as antique cookware using glass, clay, brass, or copper. It adds a lot more persona to the kitchen and makes for interesting conversation starters.
  • Returning to the wood – It has been tried and tested throughout 2020 that although wooden furniture, fixtures, and finishes never went out of style, they are steadily moving into the luxury segment. This is especially favored towards darker woods such as Mahogany, Cherry, and Brown Oak. An excellent example of this best luxury Italian kitchen can be found in the Heritage by Iosa Ghini Design at Snaidero Kitchen Design with finishes such as Smoked Oak, Coffee Elm, and Dark Wood finishes.
  • Say hello to Glass – Glass is making a big-time come back to the top best luxury Italian kitchen trends. Frosted glass, stained glass, and other finishes of glass will be used more in the upcoming year. You can expect to see more glass being used in kitchen partitioning, shelves, cabinets, and maybe some in furniture too.

luxury italian kitchen

These luxury Italian kitchen designs and trends are sure to help you determine the kitchen trends you need to center your kitchen renovation plan around. If you wish to discuss your plan and see how it can be modulated to perfection into your kitchen space, do call us at Snaidero Kitchen Design at +971 42944803. We are eager to support your vision for your luxury kitchen and enhance it with our solid experience designing some of the trend-setter Kitchens around Dubai and other Emirates.

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