Five Ways to Upgrade Old Kitchen Countertops
in Dubai Homes

Countertops are an important part of any kitchen and they can make or mar the entire look of that special area of your home. Therefore, we can understand how important it is to choose the right kitchen countertops while getting a new kitchen built in the home. But what about the old kitchen countertops, in case you want to continue with the same? Well, you need not worry about the latest designs for kitchen countertops in Dubai that can be applied to the old kitchen countertops too. Here are some of the best kitchen countertops you can consider and even share with the team of designers who work on them.

kitchen countertop

  • Get it painted: Painting countertops of your kitchen may sound like a weak idea, but have faith, the result will be excellent. No matter what size your kitchen is, you can go for white without any second thought. The white color will get you the timeless classic look. Using the gray chalk paint with a heavy-duty polyurethane finish can do wonders for the area and the result will be attractive kitchen countertops. You can also choose chalkboard paint, which will make it look as if a chalkboard has been placed on the countertops, and you can literally write on them. Isn’t that a great idea to leave messages for family members, especially when you are in hurry and can’t find a piece of paper?
  • Get a butcher block: A butcher block not only gives a rustic look to the kitchen but the wooden surface can be polished again and all the scratches can be removed and made look like new. This is one of the kitchen countertops ideas that you will never be disappointed with.
  • Granite is the best: Granite is one of the most used kitchen countertops and it is the best one to choose, especially when you are too confused with all the ideas. Granite also supports all the colors that you can use for your kitchen and the cabinets. Also if you want to extend the older countertops, you will easily find the same granite in the market.
  • Marble is classy: Have you ever heard anyone saying anything bad about the look of marble countertops? Well, you won’t because marble has always been considered classy and it enhances the overall look of the kitchen. Marble comes in variations; therefore, you can choose the one that goes well with the rest of the décor of your kitchen.
  • Try layering concrete: A very close look to marble, you can choose layering concrete. Mixing some colorant to the area of the concrete cover will help in adding texture as well as depth. The result will look pretty much like marble.

kitchen countertop

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