Five Simple Open Kitchen Design Ideas to
Incorporate in Dubai Homes

Open kitchens are the more relaxed and inviting selection which provide an open space to spend time with family while food preparation is on. Thus, the modern Dubai homes are incorporating attractive open kitchen designs in their new home. It opens up your home and promotes a comfortable workflow. Also, you can attend to your family and friends while cooking. Open kitchens are the best way out from the traditional din, less airy isolated kitchens, and these top 5 open kitchen design ideas will fit in any space.

open kitchen design

Linear Kitchen:

It is the best depiction of the classic minimalist approach with modern aesthetics. The smooth finished framed structure with sleek edges, the flat doors with concealed hinges provide continuous lines, which appear like a stunning decoration. The linear kitchen layout is best for small spaces, especially for the studio apartments, because it occupies a small area, typically a wall, and provides you almost the whole floor space. If you incorporate a kitchen island alongside a linear kitchen, then it will boost your workspace.    

L-Shaped Kitchen:

L-shaped or corner kitchens are one of the most common open kitchen designs in modern Dubai homes. It provides the best utilization of the corner spaces and an open area in the center. The cabinetry is installed alongside the right-angled walls, and thus the empty middle space allows a comfortable traffic flow inside the kitchen area. Also, you can install an island within the kitchen to increase the workspace and storage. The L-shaped layout also allows multipurpose spaces so you can define different work zones in your kitchen. 

Galley Kitchen:

You can utilize a long and narrow space by designing a galley kitchen. In this amazing open kitchen design layout, you can incorporate all the modern amenities tactfully. Galley kitchens have two parallel rows of wall and base cabinets with countertops, which is sufficient for the storage purpose of a small family. Also, you can use both rows for different purposes, such as ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ workspaces, and it helps you keep your kitchen clean and organized. 

U-Shaped Kitchen:

U-shape is a beautiful and luxury open kitchen design for modern Dubai homes. It features three adjacent walls lined with cabinets and countertops, which provide a lot of storage and workspace. Also, the renowned work triangle or kitchen triangle is possible to set up in this layout, and so the experts consider U-shaped kitchens to provide the best functionality. It is the most suitable layout for larger families, where more than one person needs to work inside the kitchen simultaneously. 

The Peninsula Kitchen: 

Peninsula kitchen is an independent unit with a worktop, and this layout is similar to an island kitchen but with one end attached to the wall. It is one of the smartest and latest open kitchen designs, which is focused on cooking and serving at the same time and place, without hampering the traffic flow inside the kitchen. Here the countertop can be accessible from three sides, and more than one person can work in this layout freely. Peninsula kitchens in modern Dubai homes often serve as a room divider between dining and living room.  

open kitchen design

These are the basic open kitchen layout, which is in the modern trend. But you can customize your modern kitchen as per your convenience and available space. So, contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for more striking open kitchen design tips at +97142944803, and their experts will help you design your best open kitchen layout. 

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