Fantastic Kitchen Design Trends for Dubai Homes

Designing a kitchen is not only a matter of choosing the most exquisite materials but also planning them well so that they work well together to create the desired effect. In this day and age, several kitchen designs can help you alleviate your kitchen and give it a refreshing new look. In 2020 many kitchen design trends rose to prominence and which are likely to continue in 2021 as well. Creating the perfect look for the kitchen will be much easier when you are armed with the knowledge of these best kitchen designs. Here are the top design trends for you to consider while designing your kitchen.

kitchen design trends

  • Open Shelves – Open shelves have come back in the flavor and despite being dust magnets their appeal can be hard to deny. They are also not a great option for stacking chinaware and glassware at heights since they tend to topple and fall. However, if you have a curious design piece that you want to make the center of attraction of your kitchen, you need to get these shelves.
  • Marble Counter Top – A cornerstone of luxury kitchen designs, a marble countertop is one of the most elegant designs that you can opt for. To counter the porous and easily stainable properties of marble you can now opt for many other engineered stones and materials that can help you get this look.
  • Customized and Integrated Appliances – If you are having your kitchen redesigned by a professional agency, it is highly recommended that you also get your kitchen equipment integrated into the design. This involves getting all the equipment in a color that goes well with your kitchen theme and then having them installed as a part of the kitchen modules.
  • Kitchen Bar – A kitchen bar is simply a casual dining space that you may want to include in your design for easy appeal and utility. Whether you get one as an extension of your countertop, raised above your kitchen island, or even attached to the windowsill, you need to be mindful of the kitchen themes. They have been much popular lately due to their universal appeal to most homeowners.
  • Colorful Fixtures – This is one of the most attractive kitchen designs, as you add interesting colors to your kitchen fixtures such as taps, hobs, and lights. Some innovative colors that have been popular lately include dull brass, copper, champagne gold, rose gold, silver, and black matte finish.
  • Slab Backsplash – A slab backsplash is a great option for modern kitchen design if you wish to give your walls some exciting textures and colors. The best part is that they create an optical illusion of space since they are of the same material and design as the kitchen slabs.

kitchen design trends

These are some of the best kitchen design for Dubai homes which can make designing your dream kitchen a breeze. If you want to know more about how to integrate these designs in your kitchen, you can contact the experts of Snaidero Kitchen Design at +971 42944803. Our insights about the latest Italian kitchen designs and our experience of working in Dubai will surely add value to your kitchen design plans.

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