Fabulous Kitchen Layouts Design Guide for
your Dubai Home

Kitchen designs have evolved over the years. Nowadays it doesn’t matter anymore whether you have a big kitchen space or a small one, you can get any kind of kitchen design layout in that space. The only thing that you need to consider is the shape of the kitchen. If you are in the wonderful city of Dubai and renovating your kitchen or space is getting constructed from the scratch, you can try some of the latest designs of kitchen layouts. Here are some of them discussed:

kitchen design layout

  • Parallel kitchen: One of the most attractive designs of kitchen is the parallel kitchen also called the galley kitchen. The design is built along two parallel walls, facing each other. This layout can be opted by even those who have a very small kitchen space. However, when you choose this layout, you need to make sure that you get adequate lighting work done. Under-cabinet lighting can also be used in this layout.
  • L-shaped kitchen: As the name suggests, in this design of kitchen, the kitchen looks L-shaped. This layout is perfect for rooms in which one side is at least 96 inches and the other side is at least 36 inches. This layout can be incorporated even in a small kitchen space. The layout design makes the kitchen look spacious.
  • U-shaped kitchen: In a U-shaped kitchen the counters flow around three sides of the kitchen space. This is one of the most amazing designs of kitchen as you get a lot of space for storage.
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  • G-shaped kitchen: A G-shaped kitchen almost looks like a U-shaped kitchen; however, the only difference is the partial fourth wall or the peninsula. The peninsula turns the U shape into a G shape. In this layout, the cooking area gets streamlined and the base cabinets increase in numbers.
  • Kitchen Island: If you are looking for a luxury design of kitchen, then the kitchen island is the ideal one. As you get a kitchen island installed, you get sections in the kitchen space. On the kitchen island, you can get many things installed, which include sinks, a cooktop, dishwasher, or drawers. However, you should not get installed all of these installed on one kitchen island as space can get really cramped. You can choose any two of these and get them installed.

kitchen layout design

There are several kitchen design layouts that you can choose for your kitchen space. Nevertheless, you must focus on other areas as well such as lighting and storage space. No matter which option you choose, if there is not enough storage space, it will diminish the value of the entire design. Lighting also plays a vital role and you can choose lighting as per the layout and design of your kitchen space.

To get an even better idea of the concept of all these designs and understand them before finalizing one, you can talk to an expert at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can exchange ideas with a seasoned professional here and be sure of what you are planning with your kitchen is feasible. To reach out to the team at Snaidero Kitchen Designs, you can give a call at +97142944803.

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