Effective Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen
Appear Bigger

One of the many compromises one makes while buying the house of our dreams is in the size of the kitchen space. As unfortunate as it may seem, there is no reason that you can’t make the most out of the kitchen. There are several simple kitchen design ideas that you can employ to optimize the space in your kitchen without having to invest sizable amounts in renovating the kitchen completely or adding space from other areas of the house. The best part about these design ideas is that apart from making your kitchen look bigger, they also add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. The result is an organized, clean, and appealing kitchen that may be small but definitely looks cute and cozy instead of cramped. Here the best kitchen design ideas that you can apply to your kitchen without a huge investment of time and money.

kitchen design

  • Floor to wall ceiling – The smaller kitchens definitely face a space crunch and one of the best solutions to fix this problem is to optimize the storage space in the kitchen. This is especially true if you have a single wall or a small L-shaped kitchenette that is commonly added to many studios and single-bedroom apartments. Go for cabinets lined up from the floor to the ceiling. Also, avoid the temptation to get deeper cabinets that occupy more floor area and are difficult to reach fully. Shallow cabinets are better in this regard and it is one of the most used kitchen designs.
  • Custom lighting solutions – Another crucial element of making a kitchen look bigger is to use well-designed lighting solutions. Avoid having a single source of light and opt for multi-level lighting to create lesser shadows. This helps in making the kitchen look bigger. Be picky about using pendent light however which may look out of place in a smaller kitchen.
  • Limited colors – Limit the color palette of the kitchen to a maximum of two colors to not make your kitchen appear overwhelming and cramped. The lighter colors such as the all-white kitchen are especially good at making space appear larger. You can also blend colors on the countertop and a backsplash to let the color blend in with the cabinets and walls.
  • Slim furniture – One of the absolute necessities while doing kitchen furniture design for smaller kitchens is to avoid the bulkier and broader furniture. Instead, opt for taller and leaner furniture wherever possible. You can also add a bar outside the kitchen at an area such as a windowsill to create a smaller dining space.
  • Glassdoor cabinet – Opt for the glass doors for your cabinets so that the back of the cabinet is visible and it creates a visual effect for more space and an attractive kitchen design. You can opt for ribbed or frosted glass if you do not want all of your cabinet contents to be visible to everyone.

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Apart from these, there are several other luxury kitchen designs that you can choose for a smaller kitchen at all budgets. Snaidero Kitchen Designs has expertise in kitchen designs for Dubai homes for all sizes. You can contact us at +97142944803 for a consultation regarding your kitchen design.

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