Does a perfect kitchen floor exist?

Kitchen flooring plays an imperative role in your kitchen design. The ideal kitchen flooring determines how you will move while performing your daily activities, like cooking, washing, etc. Moreover, kitchen flooring needs to withstand a plethora of things including, foot traffic, stains, grime, etc. So, your chosen kitchen flooring should not only be practical and durable but also needs to complement the rest of your design and texture.

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To make your kitchen flooring perfect, you need to consider certain parameters.

  • Lifestyle: Your kitchen is a place where there is a chance of coffee getting spilled, silverware gets dropped, your kids and pets often check in for food, and so on. Perfect kitchen flooring should withstand all these types of wear and tear. If you have babies or young children, then go for non-slip floors.
  • Your style sense: Choose flooring that goes well with your kitchen, whether it’s rustic, contemporary, ultra-modern, or cutting-edge. You should choose flooring based on the kitchen’s size, existing colors, textures, and themes.
  • Comfort: sometimes you need to spend a lot of time cutting, slicing, chopping, etc. So, your kitchen flooring should give you the utmost comfort while doing all these activities. Wooden flooring is a perfect choice as it lessens leg fatigue.
  • Easy to clean: Choose a kitchen flooring that is not susceptible to staining. Select a material that is water-resistant and can be cleaned easily such as ceramic tiles.

Types of kitchen flooring

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl offers a plethora of styles and colors according to your budget. The vinyl flooring sheet is water-proof, and stains resilient. Moreover, this sheet eases fatigue, thus, you can spend hours on this floor while preparing foods for your loved ones.

Porcelain tiles

If you are looking for durable flooring without compromising the look, then porcelain tiles could be the best option for you. Because of their harder manufacturing process, porcelain tiles are the upgraded version of regular ceramic tiles.

Hardwood flooring

If you don’t want to compromise with comfort, then hardwood flooring could be an apt choice for you. This flooring offers warmth and affability. Apart from comfort and durability, hardwood flooring is easy to maintain. Though hardwood flooring resists moisture, you need to wipe up spills as soon as possible.

Cork flooring

Cork is water and moisture-resistant and also stain resilient. That’s why it is an ideal option for kitchen flooring. Cork comes with a textured surface that provides some slip resistance.

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum is a popular green kitchen flooring that is resilient and comes with multifarious patterns and colors.  This is made up of renewable, biodegradable cork powder along with linseed oil. This flooring doesn’t contain any lethal VOCs and it can withstand foot traffic well.

If you are looking for perfect kitchen flooring, the above article will help you in many ways.

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