Designing a Modern Kitchen for Millennials in Dubai

The Millennial lifestyle is characterised by enhanced creativity and collaboration, and this dynamic generation places great emphasis on social connection. Hence their homes, their kitchen designs, need to be a reflection of what they stand for, providing not only comfort, but also inspiration.  Snaidero caters to such tastes, priorities and preferences with it’s Everyone kitchen design collection aimed exclusively at millennials.


Everyone Collection: It offers versatile solutions which allow Generation Y to express their unique identities and that meet their expectations for complete customisation. This collection comes with four stunning kitchens, that offer a clean modern look and a mix of styles, bringing an eclectic touch to modern kitchen design for an urban lifestyle. 

  • FIRST is a contemporary kitchen project for young homeowners, designed to meet demands for both comfort and quality, and providing a chic custom-made kitchen at an affordable rate.


  • FUN is practical and functional and offers the best in authentic quality, efficiency and convenience. A sturdy modular structure speaks to the unfussy yet stylish lifestyle embraced by Millennials.


  • FEEL is more than just a kitchen. Combining creativity and accessible design, the clean lines and simple structure create a customisable space that can be enjoyed throughout the day, not only at meal times.


  • JOY is sleek and uncluttered, with minimalist elegance. The use of resilient materials creates a classic and beautiful kitchen space that is indeed a joy to inhabit.



Personalization: We understand that millennials want a flexible design with adaptable components, that make the most of available space and can be disassembled and moved to a new home if need be. We offer high levels of personalization, as well as your direct involvement in the design process together with the kitchen designers, so that you can craft your kitchen space in your style.



A Super-Connected Kitchen: The tech-driven lifestyle of millennials in Dubai demands a home that supports the use of several devices at the same time, and includes a suite of smart appliances that can be controlled remotely.



Sustainable Choices: Millennials also care about the environment and make sustainable choices that are good for the planet and for their own well being, supporting brands that are actively committed to the environment. Snaidero speaks to this need with its energy efficient manufacturing process, recycled materials, and the use of reclaimed wood, and low VOC paints.

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