Design Tips of Most Popular types of Kitchen
Layouts for Dubai Homes

You will simply love cooking and your culinary skills will enhance many folds in an appropriately designed kitchen. On the other hand, you may lose your interest in food preparation if your kitchen layout is clumsy. Hence, plan your kitchen layout systematically, and it will save your time and energy making meal preparation stress-free and enjoyable.

These top kitchen design tips will help you decide the best possible layout for the kitchen in your Dubai home and make your life easier.

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Keep Adequate Walkways:

Traffic flow is a vital point to consider while planning your kitchen layout or design because the kitchen is the heart of your home, and all family members will pass by the area. Adequate space will allow the kids to move freely as well as will keep the utensils untouched. Also, in time of family and friend’s get-together, you can entertain all your guests freely while cooking. So, nobody will feel unattended.

Create The Kitchen Triangle:

The kitchen or working triangle is one of the most famous kitchen layout ideas, which is in use for many decades. The kitchen triangle includes the refrigerator, sink and hob/oven in three points that help to keep a good working flow inside the kitchen. These three areas have the most activity, and among this three, the sink typically goes through the most activities. So the sink should have easy access to the refrigerator and oven.

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Utilize the Kitchen Island Suitably:

A Kitchen Island is like the heart of the kitchen, and whoever is working there should use the island at the first chance. For this reason, simple to luxury kitchen layouts includes an island. You can use the island for general purposes like cutting the vegetables, keeping the ingredients for cooking, and distributing the meals. Also, you can place other items like the sink, refrigerator, mixer, grinder, and others for added functionality.

Separate the areas based on purposes:

You can create different zones in your kitchen, like the cooking range. It includes the oven, cookery utensils and the other amenities you need the most while cooking. Also, you should install a ventilation system in this area to keep your kitchen clean. Separate zones will help multiple persons working simultaneously inside your kitchen.

Place the Cabinets Sensibly:

Kitchen cabinets play a vital role in arranging the cooking utensils and ingredients in small places and making the kitchen layouts attractive. Without proper cabinets, the kitchen space will look overwhelmed or too crowded. For this reason, position the cabinets sensibly. The best places for cabinets are on the wall and in the base of the counters.

Keep landing space near appliances:

While you are using any kitchen appliances like microwave, mixer, juicer, grinder, tea/coffee maker and others, you will need a decent landing space to keep the items. Also, landing space near the cooktop is equally essential, and the latest kitchen layouts suggest keeping 15 inches of countertop on each side of the hob or oven. It increases the safety measures and makes your food prep easier.

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These design tips will help to plan your kitchen efficiently as per the size of your Dubai home. You can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for more amazing kitchen layout ideas. So, why wait any longer? Call +97142944803 and build or remodel your kitchen thoroughly.

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