How to Design the Ultimate Luxury Italian Kitchen
for my Home in Dubai

The idea of a luxury kitchen is not new, but it has reached out of the hands of the common man for many years. One reason for this was the perception of the customers that it is something that costs a lot of money. This perception has been broken by companies that have made the luxurious kitchen affordable and people have become aware of the options that they can go for. Luxury Italian kitchens have become the ultimate sign of luxury all over the world. The modular kitchens ensure that these luxurious designs are scalable and that they fit a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are the top luxury Italian kitchen design trends that can guide you to choose the right design for you to create the ultimate luxury Italian kitchen.

Luxury Italian Kitchen Design

  • Minimalistic – While typically the luxurious kitchens have been synonymous with grand designs, the lack of space in many of the modern homes means that they can’t accommodate grand designs. In this case, the minimalistic design such as the Joy project by Snaidero is perfect for its minimalistic appeal and refined finish.
  • Worktop material – Newer worktop materials such as reconstructed stone can give the kitchen a luxurious feel. If you want you can also get a wooden finish such as Black ash, Beton oak, or Heartwood open pore. If you want a stone-like finish, you can opt for Carrara marble, High gloss black cosmic, or Ossido Nero to get the Italian kitchen design according to your taste.
  • Larder Cupboards – Larder cupboards have found space in a lot of kitchens and for good reason. When running low on space, the Larder cupboard can help you stock up on a lot in a limited space. If you are going for a woody design such as Heritage by Iosa Ghini Design at Snaidero Kitchens, you can easily integrate this Italian kitchen idea with the cupboards which may also look stylish.
  • Go for handle-less – The protruding handles are a nightmare when you are looking for a low minimalist design since they are not only visually obtrusive but also functionally inconvenient. You can go for the pop-up doors for the cupboards but if you don’t like those, the other option would be recessed handles. This is perfectly executed in the Vision by Pininfarina Design at Snaidero Kitchens with the 30° beveled edge which does not stand out but creates a smooth visual flow.
  • Curves or straight lines – You can choose the kind of design that you want to go for. The straight lines give a more modern appearance; however, a design like Ola 20 by Pininfarina Design at Snaidero Kitchens looks great with an innovative Island and peninsula leg design. It is also great for ergonomics so that you can move around and work easily.
  • Golden decorative – The up and coming trend in Dubai is golden decorative fixtures, especially when paired with a white lacquered finish for a classic luxury Italian kitchen design. This can be seen at Snaidero’s Kelly by Iosa Ghini Design.

Luxury Italian Kitchen

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