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Kitchen Island in 2021

If you have a large kitchen, you must get a kitchen island so that you can give it a modern and trendy look. Why a Kitchen Island? Well, a kitchen island is useful in many ways apart from looking great. It increases counter space, makes more space for storage, and you can even add dining space by adding a breakfast bar. You can even get a sink installed in a kitchen island to make a washing space out there. Many other things can be installed on a kitchen island such as drawers, microwaves, or even a dishwasher. You can call it an extension of your kitchen in which various activities can take place.

Nevertheless, when you get one installed at your home, you can keep the kitchen island design ideas mentioned below to improve the workspace:

kitchen island

  • Size of the kitchen island: Before you finalize a kitchen island design, you need to make sure that the size is right. If it is larger than required, it may inhibit movement and look useless. The workflow will also get affected. Therefore, you need to first understand the size of a kitchen island that is needed and be sure that space of at least four feet space is left on each side for movement.
  • Appliances: As we talk about the attractive kitchen island design tips, appliances add a lot of beauty apart from making the island more functional. However, installing appliances such as a stove, dishwasher, microwave, and a sink, depending on the size of the kitchen island. Whatever you are getting installed, make sure it does not get overcrowded. If you are installing a sink, you can also get a dishwasher installed to plan the work easier and with less movement.
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  • Workflow: Although not one of the latest kitchen island design ideas, maintaining the workflow is of utmost importance. You need to understand what all activities are to be carried out on the kitchen island. You of course cannot put everything on this counter. For example, if you are creating some space for a breakfast counter on the kitchen island, then you should not be installing a stove on it as people having their breakfast there can be directly exposed to fumes. Also, those who are putting high-chairs for breakfast should keep some space between two chairs, so that people can eat properly without feeling cramped.
  • Storage: One of the amazing kitchen island design tips is optimizing the storage space there. Kitchen islands are great for making a lot of storage space. You need to ask your designer to make the storage space in a way that does not create a problem for the people while having meals. If storage is your primary concern, you can just forget the idea of creating a breakfast bar and have storage accessible from all sides.
  • Lighting: One of the most useful Kitchen Island Design Tips is choosing the right lighting. In fact, lighting is something that enhances the beauty of any place. As it is a kitchen island, you can get installed pendant lights or any other statement lighting piece. This will not only make your kitchen look overall awesome but you will also be able to see clearly while cooking the meals.

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