Colors and Finishes to Create Contrast in Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchens have become a form of functional art, and the once-hidden utility room has taken the front seat, becoming part of the everyday living and entertainment space we open to our guests. Decor and design principles apply, and contrast is an element that should be incorporated consciously to create delicious visual surprises for those enjoying the heart of our homes.

modern kitchen design

Ways to Create Contrast

Contrasts are focal points, so it’s important to locate them artistically and use them sparingly for the most striking effect. You can create contrast with:

  • Color (light versus dark, neutral versus bright, or color-wheel contrasts like red and green)
  • Texture (both visual and tactile. Remember, something can have a chunky visual texture yet still be smooth to the touch)
  • Form (for example, angular versus rounded)
  • Level (high versus low)

modern kitchen design ideas

Colors, Finishes and Contrast

Color contrasts are easy to achieve. Use the on their own to create focal points or repeat them to create visual rhythm. Contrasting finishes can be surprisingly effective too but be careful of mixing and maxing too enthusiastically. Contrast, whether in color or texture should be used with restraint.

Contrasts are easy to identify: smooth versus rough, light versus dark, muted versus bright, plain versus patterned, and so on. They really allow you to bring your creative side out to play.


modern kitchen design

Contracts for Every Taste

YOU LOVE BOLD! Be brave with brights. You can make waves with vibrant colors on opposite ends of the color wheel. Alternatively, go with neutrals and add an element of surprise in your favourite bold shade.

YOU LIKE NEUTRALS. Neutrals don’t have to be boring. Contrast light and dark and remember that metallic shades are neutral too. Texture contrasts will really stand out in a kitchen designed using neutral or natural-look finishes and materials.

YOU’RE PLAYFUL. Contrast is the perfect design element for those who like to play around with different ideas. Imagine a dark wood feature with matt lacquer green or a metallic finish paired with a fresh, bright shade.

ULTRA-MODERN IS YOU. Then perhaps you’re looking for something streamlined in silver, black and electric blue. Or you love the white, bright look and relieve it with sleek, dark details or a touch of silver.

Or YOU’RE INTO CLASSICS:  Think wood-look countertops, classic-style wood-look cupboards to contrast with metallic and granite, quartz, or marble-finish work surfaces.

modern kitchen design ideas

It’s Hard to Imagine

Choosing kitchen colors and finishes from swatches will always be a hit-or-miss business. If we were to tell you that pure-white quartz and near-black wood finishes match what you’ve told us about your preferences, it would be hard to imagine.

Luckily, you don’t have to visualize theoretical results. We can show you exactly what your customized kitchen will look like. There’s no guesswork and no hit or miss. Your taste informs the design. Our experts help you to put it together. The result is always going to be a superb kitchen design – but you’re in the driving seat.

Ready to design you kitchen with the professionals? Call us, mail us, or visit our showrooms to see the latest in cutting-edge kitchen design concepts.

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