Color combinations that make your kitchen livelier and bigger

The kitchen plays a vital role in any house. After all, it is the place where everyone’s favorite meals are prepared. This is why the majority of people pay attention to the kitchen design. As a matter of fact, the design of the kitchen and its layout matters a lot in making your kitchen look beautiful. Another thing about the kitchen that we do not pay much heed to is the color combination. No matter what kind of layout you are getting installed or what materials you are using for the cabinets and countertops, color certainly makes a big difference, especially if your kitchen space is smaller. So let us talk about colors that we can choose for our kitchen to make it appear bigger and to enhance its beauty.

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Blue and Black

No, they are not the colors just for men! These two colors can also be used for your kitchen. One of the popular kitchen design tips is keeping the blue color dominant, while the chimney and the handles of the cabinet doors can be black creating a contrast.

Green and White

This is one of the uncommon color combinations that you will get to see in the kitchens. However, if you want your kitchen to be the next talk of the town, you should definitely give these colors a try. However, to bring the best look with these colors, white should be the dominant color. Only the floor cabinets should be in green. You can try choosing a darker shade of green.

Dark Teal

Can dark teal ever go out of fashion? Well, it is one color that looks classy, no matter where you are using it. Using this color for the cabinets in the kitchen will surely bring the best look out of your kitchen.

Gray and White

This is perhaps one of the most common color combinations that you must have seen in many houses. However, this is also the color combination that can never go out of fashion. To bring out a nice contrast in the kitchen area, you can get a natural dark wooden floor installed.

Light Blue

Whether you are crazy about the Blue color or not, using light blue for the cabinets will certainly make you fall for your kitchen immediately. Let the walls be white and the rest of it light blue. If you want to add a little contrast in the kitchen, you can add some dark blue chairs.

Canary Yellow and Blue

Even if you have the smallest kitchen, this color combination can make the kitchen area look spacious. These two colors will not only add beauty to your kitchen but will also pep up your mood, every time you are there to prepare something.

Pure White

White cabinets, white countertops, white walls; well, that is one of the most popular colors since ages. If you are even a bit confused about picking a color for your small kitchen, you can trust on white. Pair it with white marble countertops to create a nice theme.

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