Closed Concept Kitchen Design Trends that will
be Huge in 2021-22

When it comes to designing a kitchen one of the most common pieces of advice that you may come across will be to go for an open kitchen. Simply put, the open kitchen is a design where more than one walls open up to a room of the house typically the living room or the dining room. It has several benefits such as the neat place to entertain guests and get a feel of a much bigger house. The whole cooking and dining space is blurred and you can see the kitchen often right while stepping in through the front door. Also, the natural daylight that flows in is a huge perk for the homeowners while they are working in the kitchen. The design is not for everyone though and you may find several advocates of the exact opposite of open kitchen, namely the closed concept kitchen design trend which is making a strong comeback. The closed kitchen design trends have recently gained popularity among homeowners because of the privacy it provides while cooking and better management of food smells from entering the living room. Here are the best closed concept kitchen design ideas that are likely to be immensely popular among homeowners in 2021.

closed concept kitchen

  • Sliding doors – Sliding doors are a great option for you since they can be opened or closed while staying adjoined to the wall so that some space is saved. It also becomes a great option if you need to close it off to isolate the kitchen and keep the smell and sounds of the kitchen inside. You can opt for a door made of translucent glass or other material to let in the light while working and give it a nice look.
  • Storage wall – Designate one wall of the kitchen for storage if you have a large kitchen but not enough storage space. You can opt for floor to roof wire racks with wicker baskets for some inexpensive yet rustic look. You can also opt to get cabinets if you want something more enclosed.
  • Walk-in Pantry – If you have the provision of a smaller room which can be used as a pantry, do opt for it in your kitchen design. This will help you keep the kitchen still presentable while keeping the excess utensils and supplies which are not used often, out of sight, and away from the workflow.
  • Invest in ventilation – Since the closed kitchens can get stuffy easily, do invest in getting quality ventilation while cooking. A chimney is often required if the kitchen lacks access to a window or vent. An exhaust fan may also keep the cooking fumes away from the kitchen.
  • Get more lights – A reason while the closed kitchen may look dark and dull, might be due to a single light source which casts plenty of shadows and leaves dark corners. Do invest in more lights and especially illuminate the countertop since it will help you work in a well-lit room, easily. It also makes one of the most attractive kitchen design trends which is equally applicable for open kitchens.

closed concept kitchen

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