5 Best Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs for 2021

Small kitchens definitely have their charming appeal which also makes them a suitable choice where space is scarce. There are several benefits of having a smaller kitchen, including lesser space to maintain, easier cleanups, and easier maneuvering. It does not make the small kitchen setup perfect however since it also has its own unique challenges. The lack of space, ventilation, and limited lighting are the biggest challenges, although you can use some kitchen design ideas to counter each one of these. If you too have a small kitchen, here are some of the best kitchen design ideas that will deliver a great culinary experience while looking great.

small kitchen design ideas

  • Drawers to the rescue – If you are looking for better storage options than the regular cabinets, drawers present better storage options whether you are looking for storing equipment or ingredients. The best part of going for drawers is that you do not have to bend down each time you want to take out the contents. Instead, you can simply pull out the drawers which also provide better access to the deeper ends of the space.
  • Handle-less cabinet design – The cabinets are an important part of managing the storage space in the kitchen. One of the attractive kitchen design ideas for a smaller kitchen is to go for floor-to-ceiling sleek cabinets. The sleekness of the cabinet helps you free up the floor space making your kitchen look bigger. You can also go for a handle-less design with a pop-up opening mechanism or using a recessed bezel for opening it easily.
  • Single color theme – Keep a simple kitchen scheme with a single color theme, hopefully of a lighter color. White is perfect for creating a kitchen theme however gray and pastel colors work equally well. Keeping a single solid color works well with bold floor tile patterns and bright rugs which can attract attention to the floor making it appear larger. It is one of the most used kitchen design ideas for smaller kitchen designs. Also, use multi-layer lighting for lesser dark spaces and nooks.
  • Folding Island and Table – Add a prep area to your kitchen by adding a folding table as an island that can be put away when it is not in use. The area can be used for preparation, plating, laying equipment and ingredients, and many other purposes. You can also add a dining table that doubles up as a storage space with shelves underneath.
  • Minimize Appliances – One of the key small kitchen design ideas to making sure that your kitchen looks neat and tidy at all times is to minimize the number of appliances in the kitchen. Look for storage space for existing small appliances such as a toaster, electric kettle, and food processer so that they can be kept away from wandering eyes. It immediately provides more open surfaces to give the appearance of more space.

small kitchen design

These are some of the best small and luxury kitchen design ideas that will bestow the sleek and sophisticated look of your kitchen. For some expert advice on how to implement these ideas to your kitchen, you can go for kitchen design ideas for Dubai homes by Snaidero Kitchen Designs. Our consultants can be contacted at +97142944803 to help you finalize all aspects of your small kitchen layout with professional insight.

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