Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Dubai Homes

Designing a beautiful kitchen can be one of the biggest upgrades to ambiance and aesthetics that you can have in your home. While the kitchens have become smaller in the past few decades, there are plenty of options that can help you make the most of the limited space. The modern kitchen designs are a fine balance between functionality, aesthetics, and quality. Here are some of the best modern kitchen design ideas that can help you transform your kitchen into an inviting space that is filled with warmth and social interaction between you and your guests. These best modern kitchen design ideas can also be modified further to suit all layouts of kitchens.

modern kitchen design idea

  • Kitchen Island – If you are looking for additional storage space or just to add more worktop, the kitchen island makes one of the best modern kitchen design. The kitchen island can help you effectively utilize a lot of open space in your kitchen. It can also be the perfect food prep area if the original kitchen design does not allow for a lot of space in the current layout.
  • Breakfast bar – Just like the kitchen island, another attractive modern kitchen design that can add more functionality is the breakfast bar. This can help a lot if you do not want to keep a separate dining area or breakfast nook. Adding high rise chairs or bar stools can also give it a sleek look while maintaining functionality. You can use this place to serve grab and go breakfast items to manage the morning rush hour in the house before your family leaves for school or offices.
  • Lighting – If you want to add more life to your kitchen, you can easily achieve that effect by adding a multi-layered lighting theme. You can go for lighting under the cabinets to focus on the counters and club it with some tall pendant lighting focusing on your kitchen island or dining space. Multiple light sources eliminate shadows leaving no nook or corner in darkness. You can also fit some lights inside the cabinets and use glass doors to illuminate them.
  • Pantry – Having a walk-in pantry is not only a luxury modern kitchen design but also a very important way for you to keep the less frequently used ingredients and equipment away from sight. You can also use a sliding door to minimize the space required to open and operate the pantry. You can also keep the pantry looking rustic yet tidy by using old fashioned wire racks and wicker baskets.
  • Rug – A colorful and color-coordinated rug is a great way for you to fill in space beyond the kitchen and also act as a visual cue of the beginning of the kitchen area. It also minimizes the chances of stains to your kitchen flooring.

modern kitchen design

All of these best modern kitchen designs for home can beautify the kitchen without compromising the ease of working. If you wish to use these in your kitchen design or redesign, you can contact Snaidero Kitchens. Our consultants can be reached at +971 42944803, so that we may assist in designing the kitchen you always wanted.

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