Top Best Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas
in the United Arab Emirates

Luxury is a constantly evolving process that sets a person or places apart from its contemporaries. The beauty of the idea of luxury is that it goes beyond the simple concept of money and enters the realm of class. When one is looking for a luxurious life, they want to surround themselves with the finest that life has to offer and seek to build a lifestyle that reflects their personality. To expertly capture that in the place that you spend some of the most important time of your life, luxury kitchen design ideas can help you out. These ideas will help you design a kitchen where you, your family, and friends would feel relaxed and comfortable, while also giving the place a larger than life appeal. Here we go with the top luxury kitchen designs that can transform the place –

luxury kitchen design idea

  • The second island – While having an island in the kitchen is pretty functional and even a requirement, adding another island is definitely luxurious. The second island can easily function as a breakfast bar to give you added functionality and even work as a party place for house parties. The additional storage space that comes with it also helps big time to minimize the clutter in your new luxury kitchen. In case you have enough area you can also install an inside pantry to keep away the kitchen supplies away from the prying eyes of your guests.
  • Marble worktop – There is something about marble that communicates luxury like nothing else. The rich textured stone has been a favorite of regency and you can add that to your kitchen. It makes a great surface to work on but if you want a more stain-resistant stone you can also go for polished granite. This is one of the easiest and best luxury kitchen designs to execute.
  • Rose gold fixtures – Adding fixture such as taps and sinks in a rich color such as copper or rose gold is a great upgrade from the stainless steel fixtures. Paired with some rich nature-inspired lighting it looks great in any kitchen. You can also choose the pendant lights in the same color to add on to the theme for a luxury kitchen design.
  • Add a rug – If you are looking at an open space that you want to fill without creating clutter, put a rug with a lot of character and appeal. Thanks to the great selections of rugs available, it is one of the best luxury kitchen designs in UAE. You can also choose an antique rug with an interesting pattern to make for a great topic for small talk.

luxury kitchen design trends 2020

For other quality kitchen designs that exude luxury, you can get advice from a professional kitchen design consultant. In UAE, one of the best in this field is Snaidero Luxury Kitchen Design who provides great insight into how to design your luxury kitchen. You can connect with us at +971 42944803 and discuss how would you like to proceed with your kitchen design.

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