Best Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas for Your
Dream Home in Dubai

If you have a luxurious home, it is only natural that you have a luxurious kitchen that fits in. To create a surrounding of luxury around the most socially intense area if your home, here are some great luxury kitchen design ideas. These ideas will help you achieve a look and feel of a luxury kitchen and show your elevated taste and personality.

luxury kitchen design

  • Go for marble – There are only a few stones which symbolize luxury as perfectly as a marble countertop. You can additionally use it as a composite for the cupboards and give your kitchen a luxurious makeover. For extra luxurious, go for the gold veined marble which adds a lot more finesse to this luxury kitchen design. Coupled with the marble flooring it creates a very powerful and elegant aesthetic that communicates luxury.
  • Accessorize – Add blending or contrasting accessories to create a strong focal point to the kitchen. This is one of the best luxury kitchen design ideas that makes a bold statement along with adding a social feel to the kitchen. Adding these elements elevate the kitchen from a mere function area to an interaction-based one.
  • The right amount of bling – For the fixtures such as taps, pendant lights, and other reflective surfaces, go for copper or rose gold with a matte finish. It works especially well when paired with monochromatic black or white color themes in the rest of the kitchen. It is one of the hottest luxury kitchen designs in Dubai.
  • Layered lighting – Although not confined to the luxury kitchen design ideas in Dubai, it adds to the overall ambiance of the kitchen. Get indirect and diffused lighting to create a soft brightness which is not too bright. For even better control over the lighting, add a dimmer to the key lights to set it up according to the mood and requirement.
  • The other island – If you add an island to your kitchen however are left with too much of open space add another kitchen island. It can add more functionality and also work as a great breakfast bar. Make sure that both the island worktops have either the same or contrasting colors to add to the overall color theme.
  • Adding a rug – Given the love affair that Dubai has with rugs, adding an oriental rug if you have an open kitchen plan can be a good idea. It can visually separate the living room from the kitchen area while staying clear of the main functional area of the kitchen to avoid stains and like. Only go for it if your kitchen is large and open dining kitchen.

luxury kitchen design idea

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