Best Kitchen Makeover on a Budget in Dubai


Many homeowners sometimes wish to have a kitchen makeover but can’t proceed further due to constraints posed on them by their budget. There is a general perception that an attractive kitchen makeover must also cost a lot of money. That is not always true as most kitchens can benefit from the help of budget kitchen makeover ideas, where with a few tweaks you can save a lot of money compared to a traditional kitchen makeover which requires a lot of money. This is accomplished by focusing on refurbishing instead of replacing and with minimal intrusion to the kitchen. Some of the kitchen makeover ideas that have been listed in this article provide insights about what to keep, what to throw, and what to add to make the most of your existing setup and give your kitchen a facelift. Here are some of the kitchen makeover for Dubai homes that provide the maximum value for your investment.

kitchen makeover

  • Wooden or Acrylic Countertops – It is not a must to have the countertops in marble or other luxurious materials. You can get a good stain resistant and heatproof countertop in wood or acrylic material. For mid-range options, you can also check engineered stone options. If you want an industrial look, you can also opt for a concrete countertop.
  • Remodeling Cabinets – Remodeling the cabinets can save you a ton of money instead of replacing the whole cabinet. You can have a professional kitchen designer take a look so that you can get a good idea of whether you can preserve the inside of the cabinets and replace the cabinet doors or vice versa. You can install cabinets with glass doors to give the cabinets a fresh feel or even get them repainted.
  • Concealed appliances – If your new color theme of the kitchen does not go well with the color of the appliances, you don’t have to discard an appliance in fine working order. Instead, you can have them put away from the visitor’s eyes by placing them inside a pantry or have them placed behind drawers, cabinets, and other areas. You can also invest in buying a set that matches the color with the current costliest appliances.
  • Explore Flooring options – If you do not need to change your flooring, as you can just have it thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed. You can also install inexpensive solutions such as getting a nice broad rug to give your flooring a new look like part of the kitchen renovations.
  • Walls and layout – You can choose to keep the current layout and instead just have different modules installed in them instead of breaking walls. Instead of an open kitchen layout, you can choose to go for a semi-open kitchen by cutting a large square space from a wall and have counters installed for a breakfast bar design.
  • Strategic Lighting – When it comes to lighting, simply increasing the number of lights to maximum can have the opposite effect. It is not recommended to have too many lights in the kitchen since it can give the appearance of a showroom. Instead, the homeowners are advised to place lights strategically to illuminate food preparation counters and install under cabinet lights. You can also use LED bulbs to save on your electricity bill.

kitchen makeover

These best kitchen makeover ideas can save you a lot of money and even time while giving your kitchen a new visual identity. The other option for you is that for your kitchen renovation in Dubai, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Design who can help you choose the right things to replace keeping in mind your budget. You can give us a call at +971 42944803 and get a professional opinion and advice on your kitchen remodeling project.

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