Best Kitchen Cabinets that will Add Style to
Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important parts of the contemporary kitchen design especially as far as storage space is concerned. The kitchen cabinets are not only the perfect solution to the storage option in the kitchen but they also improve the aesthetics of the kitchen design thanks to the attractive kitchen cabinets. There are several types of kitchen cabinets that are available which the homeowners and designers can choose from based on the functional needs and available space. Here are the best kitchen cabinet ideas that you can opt for if you are on the lookout for renovating your kitchen and installing new cabinets.

kitchen cabinets

  • Black on Black design – The black on black kitchen cabinet design is trending these days. One of the big reasons for the popularity of this design is the many combinations that can be paired with black cabinets. They also make a great backdrop for your signature pieces and help these standouts. These modern kitchen cabinets are especially favored by homeowners who are looking for adding the ceiling in black too for a complete dark design.
  • Handle-free design – The handle-free designs are extremely popular due to the minimal appeal and sleek look that they provide. The alternative to handle comes in the form of pop-up doors for the cabinets or recessed bezels that can be used for operating the doors. The handle-free design creates a neat look for the cabinets almost like a clear wall made of cabinet door pieces.
  • Choose Drawers over Cabinets – This tip is especially important when choosing a design for the under-counter storage space. Under the counter, the area is easier accessed by using drawers and it also provides more area for storage of equipment and kitchenware. For the storage space above the counters; however, kitchen cabinets and shelves are preferred due to the easy storage options available.
  • Textured Doors Cabinets – While going for matte finish laminate or painted design are commonplace for kitchen cabinet door designs, do experiment with other design options. Some of these options may include engineered wood and even stone veneer panels. These luxury kitchen cabinets add a lot of texture and richness to the kitchen and provide a great tactile treat to handle the cabinets.
  • Punctuate with Open Shelves – When designing the over the counter cabinets, it is a good idea to mix and match the open shelves with the cabinets to provide a visual variety. This is also a great option to keep the most used condiments and equipment handy and accessible while cooking. Apart from cabinets, there are other modules that you can experiment with to create a unique design for your kitchen.

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The homeowners who are looking for getting some good-looking and practical kitchen cabinets for Dubai homes can benefit from doing thorough research as well as assessing their storage needs accurately. The Snaidero Kitchen Design provides top luxury kitchen designs in Dubai for all parts of the kitchen include kitchen cabinet design. You can give us a call at +97142944803 to discuss kitchen design ideas and a step-by-step guide to designing your dream kitchen.

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