Best alternatives to a walk-in pantry for small kitchens

We all want a walk-in pantry in our home, don’t we? Well, the sad part is that not all of our houses are built in that way. If you have a small kitchen and there is not enough space in there for a walk-in pantry, you can try some alternative ideas. So let us discuss some kitchen cabinet tips that can help us store a lot of things in our kitchen.

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Keeping a section of the cabinet as a pantry cabinet

The easiest alternative to a pantry cabinet is having a dedicated cabinet for kitchen storage. You might need to make some changes in the cabinet, like moving dishes to the end of the shelves to make space. Also to do this, you do not need a huge size cabinet. It can be done in a cabinet with two shelves, where you can store pasta, canned food, cereals, etc.

Install rolling pantry in unused space

The majority of us have an unused space in our kitchen, which we do not even notice much. You can use that space for installing a narrow rolling pantry. You can use the rolling pantry for storing boxed goods, cans, etc. It is one of the latest kitchen cabinet ideas and you can customize it the way you want and at your convenience.

Getting a floor to ceiling cabinet

If you are anyway replacing the kitchen cabinets, you can consider getting a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. It will feel almost like a pantry, and you can store a lot of things in it. This will not take a lot of space in the kitchen while the area around the ceiling will be used in a meaningful way.

Changing counter space into a pantry wall

If there is sufficient counter space in your kitchen, you can get a pantry wall in the room. For this, you can use the cabinets around the refrigerator wall of cabinetry. However, this idea should be implemented only if it does not hamper your movement in the kitchen.

Getting a sideboard

This is one of the most amazing kitchen cabinet tips, especially for those houses with an open kitchen and dining room attached to them. Installing a sideboard can be a great idea as you can use it for storing non-perishable items in the kitchen. To organize it even more efficiently, you can stack some baskets and keep the goods in there.

Using the top of the refrigerator

One of the most attractive kitchen cabinet tips is using the area on top of your refrigerator. We all have some area on top of our refrigerator which remains unused. A cabinet can be installed in that area and used for storing kitchen groceries.

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Many areas in our kitchen are not used for any purpose.  The idea is to use almost all the areas of our kitchen and use them for storage. To get some of the best luxury kitchen cabinet tips, you can reach out to Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can get in touch with their experts by giving them a call at +97142944803.

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