Beautiful Modular Kitchen Ideas for Dubai Homes in 2021

Dubai homes are very popular due to their beautiful and spacious designs. And as the home is so beautiful, the kitchen has to look equally appealing and stylish. The best way is to go for a modular kitchen. The modular kitchens not only make the kitchen look neat and clean but you can easily keep all the items organized. So let us discuss some modular kitchen ideas today in this blog:

modular kitchen idea

  • Integrated hob: One of the attractive modular kitchen ideas is going for a hob that integrates with the kitchen surface instead of a separate unit. When going for a modular kitchen layout, try to have it installed on the kitchen counter for ease of work as well as better aesthetics.
  • Kitchen island: We cannot just miss out on mentioning modular kitchen layouts, and one of the best layouts that will give your kitchen a modern yet luxury touch is the kitchen island. Dubai homes mostly have big kitchen spaces. And if you have one too, you can choose a kitchen island design that upgrades the overall look of the kitchen. The island can further be used for several purposes and one of them is installing modules like drawers and cabinets. Also, if you have a kitchen island, you can choose pendant lights to be focused above it.
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  • Shelves: Do you know the open shelves are back in the trend? It is in fact one of the latest modular kitchen ideas that you can opt for. The only effort that you have to put with the open shelves is of organizing them. You need to always keep them organized as they are in full view of the whole kitchen. However, there are several other types of shelves as well, such as the glass shelves, which are in trend too.
  • Housed appliances: The beautiful kitchen modules can also have special cabinets that can house the kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher, toaster, blender, refrigerator, and coffee maker. The concealed appliances are great if you do not want to spend extra on getting matching colored appliances, as they can be kept out of sight.
  • Regal fixtures: As we talk about luxury modular kitchen ideas, the fixtures play a vital role. Taking for example, if it is an all-black modular kitchen, you can choose old brass or spun copper fixtures. Even the sink and faucets can be of the same material and you can have them installed on the kitchen island. This will give a regal touch to the kitchen.
  • Walk-in pantry: If you are still left with plenty of things to be stowed away, you definitely opt for a walk-in pantry. Contrary to the popular notion, a pantry does not have to be inside the kitchen at all. You can instead have it installed in an adjoining room or a wall opposite the kitchen. This inconspicuous storage space is an amazing modular kitchen idea that you can opt for without a second thought.

modular kitchen design

There are several beautiful modular kitchen ideas that you can get to make your kitchen the next talk of the town. For more interesting modular kitchen ideas, you can get in touch with the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Ideas. You can give them a call at +97142944803.

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