Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas for the
Heart of your Home

Earlier the idea of the beautiful home began and ended with the living room or drawing room with little or no regard being given to the kitchen. As homes became more and more social with friends being frequently invited, the kitchen transformed into a hotspot of activities. This requires the kitchens to not only be beautified but also function as a modified sitting space. There are a plethora of kitchen design ideas that can easily beautify your kitchen within just a few steps. All you need to do is choose the right kitchen design idea for home and a trusted kitchen designer who can realize your vision. If you are looking for some great beautiful kitchen design ideas for the heart of your home, here are a few to get you started.

luxury Italian kitchen

    • Frame by Snaidero Design – The beauty and elegance of Joy reside in its design which is classic and industrial. This sleek and versatile design has been turning heads everywhere and also is perfectly suitable for the kitchen design in Dubai. The focal point of the Frame design is the framed cabinet door with recessed handles. You also get some encroaching elements into the living space with a warm atmosphere and open display cabinets. There are various finishes such as pewter, bronze, stainless steel, and lacquered for the kitchen design that leans towards metallic feel more than wooden.
    • Ola 25 by Pininfarina Design – In stark contrast with the earlier design ‘Frame’, this design is all about curves with an air of modern sensuality and futuristic. The style is not subdued and muted but rather outspoken and audacious. The Audacious range of Ola 25 is inspired by the hot Italian concept race car Ferrari and therefore it has soft angular lines and comes in the audacious combination of black and red. Of course, as with all Snaidero kitchen designs in UAE, you can customize everything and you can choose your choice of material for the Island worktop with the iconic sculpture-like support.
    • Vision by Pininfarina Design – Vision exudes symmetry, dimensions, and flow with the sleek design with straight geometric lines and smooth surfaces. The doors have an integrated handle which has a 30° beveled edge. The easy to execute kitchen makeover design has the utmost ergonomic flow as the functionality is not compromised at all. The unique geographic shaped theme continues in the living space with the same sense of symmetry with tall units.

Beautiful Kitchen Design Idea

With the Snaidero Kitchen Design guide, you can have access to many more designs and ideas which can be implemented in your own kitchen. You can easily book an appointment with our kitchen design consultants who have expertise in working on Dubai homes. Your future kitchen is waiting for you to call us at +971 42944803.

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