10 Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Design
Ideas for Dubai Homes

Kitchen Cabinets have come a long way from being simple utilitarian spaces to stack away the mess in our homes. The new age kitchen cabinets, although fulfill the same function, yet differ drastically from their predecessors. The modern kitchen cabinet design is essential in stacking away the kitchen equipment to enable better working space and manage the workflow in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet these days are sleek and stylish pieces which are an integral part of the design of the kitchen itself. If you too are looking for kitchen cabinet design ideas here are some great ones by Snaidero Kitchens that you can opt for when you design your kitchen.

kitchen cabinet design

  1.  Way Chicago by Brandy Cohen of Studio Snaidero Chicago – The beauty of this cabinet can be categorized by the use of dark Coffee Elm wood doors. The doors are paired with Aluminum handles which are recessed to provide a clean look with convenient access to the doors.
  2.  Hera Italy by Marcon Design – This kitchen cabinet design in UAE has a dual tone color scheme with Tea green matte lacquer and Moon oakwood.
  3. Opera by Michele Marcon Design – It’s an elegant setup with matte micalized lacquer Absolute Brown doors.
  4.  Ola 20 by Cuisines Decor – The doors of this beautiful kitchen cabinet are made of Nordic white matte micalized lacquer in an Angular model.
  5.  Code by Snaidero Design – A bright and fresh design made of high gloss lacquer in Lemon Yellow color.
  6.  Kelly Irkutsk by Elena Berezina – A Venetian design with a classic outlook the design has a beautiful combination of light and dark.
  7.  Heritage by Iosa Ghini Design – A perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional, this design recreates the timeless Italian elegance in your kitchen.
  8.  Look by Architect Gaia Miacola – A design which is easy on the eyes and flows as smooth as well-crafted poetry through the room.
  9.  Loft by Michele Marcon Design – A woody and angular design made of melamine Oslo Oak to create a familiar wooden environment.
  10.  Vision by Pininfarina Design – A modern design with a 30° beveled edge and an integrated handle of black aluminum.

kitchen cabinet design idea

The great thing about these designs is that they are all functionally sound and yet inspire awe with their flawless design. You can customize a few of them to mix and match with other elements of your kitchen design. There are few customization options available to personalize the kitchen cabinet design in Dubai. One can contact Snaidero Kitchens and get a consultation session to figure out how the kitchen cabinets would be set up. Once you have decided upon the configuration, you can easily choose a design and have it installed at your home. Call Snaidero Kitchens for a FREE Consultation today – +971 42944803.

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